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Tory Lanez ľ I Told You (Album) Zip ...
Can you recognize this Italian weste...
Looking for an italian rock song.
Dischi d'Oro e di Platino pre-FIMI


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Agnetha FńltskogClick Track1985Music/Lyrics
Alessandro SafinaIncanto2003Producer
Alessandro SafinaMusica di te2003Producer
Alessandro SafinaQuel figlio che hai2003Producer
Alessandro SafinaYou Come To My Senses2003Producer
Alex BaroniLa vita Ŕ un dado2007Producer
Alex BaroniVorrei2007Producer
Amii StewartHeartache To Heartache Music/Lyrics
CÚline DionIf Love Is Out Of The Question1990Music/Lyrics
Chris De BurghWhat You Mean To Me2004Music/Lyrics
Franco De VitaBarco a la deriva1996Producer
Franco De VitaComo cada domingo1996Producer
Franco De VitaContra vientos y mareas1996Producer
Franco De VitaEmpezando a olvidar1996Producer
Franco De VitaEsperando el sol1996Producer
Franco De VitaFuera de este mundo1996Producer
Franco De VitaGolpeando en el mismo lugar1996Producer
Franco De VitaPor amor al arte1996Producer
Franco De VitaSi quieres decir adiˇs1996Producer
Franco De VitaTocando el cielo1996Producer
Gianna NanniniSilenzio2024Music/Lyrics
Hank MarvinStardom1983Music/Lyrics
Ian MatthewsGimme An Inch Girl1978Music/Lyrics
Justin HaywardBilly1996Producer
Justin HaywardBroken Dream1996Producer
Justin HaywardChildren Of Paradise1996Producer
Justin HaywardI Heard It1996Producer
Justin HaywardIt's Not Too Late1996Producer
Justin HaywardShame1996Producer
Justin HaywardSomething To Believe In1996Music/Lyrics
Justin HaywardSomtimes Less Is More1996Producer
Justin HaywardThe Promised Land1996Music/Lyrics
Justin HaywardThe Way Of The World1996Producer
Justin HaywardTroubadour1996Producer
Loredana BertŔFull Circle1984Music/Lyrics
Luca CarboniCanzoni alla radio2007Producer
Luca CarboniC'Ŕ2007Producer
Luca CarboniDentro le scarpe2007Producer
Massimo Di CataldoAma gli altri1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoAngelo mio2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoCamminando1997Music/Lyrics
Massimo Di CataldoChe sarÓ di me1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoCome il mare2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoFine corsa2001Producer
Massimo Di CataldoFumo nero2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoInutile tormento2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoL'aria2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoLe tue parole2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoLiberi come il sole1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoLo senti amore1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoM'innamoro'1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoNon ti dimenticher˛2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoPer capire chi sei2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoQualcosa cambierÓ1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoSe adesso te ne vai1996Producer
Massimo Di CataldoSe chiudi i tuoi occhi2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoSe non avessi te1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoSogno1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoSoli1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoUn altro sbaglio2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoUn amico vero1995Producer
Massimo Di CataldoUn giorno qualunque2002Producer
Massimo Di CataldoVeramente2002Producer
Massimo Di Cataldo & Eros RamazzottiUna ragione di pi¨1995Producer
Massimo Di Cataldo & Renato ZeroFine corsa1995Producer
Mattia De LucaChange2010Producer
Mattia De LucaDark Room2010Producer
Mattia De LucaFalling (Into the Blue)2010Producer
Mattia De LucaNello spazio perdersi2010Producer
Mattia De LucaNon parlare pi¨2010Producer
Mattia De LucaPreghiera 20102010Producer
Mattia De LucaRemedy2010Producer
Mattia De LucaRunning2010Producer
Mattia De LucaSo?2010Producer
Mattia De LucaThe "Dreamers"2010Producer
Mattia De LucaThe Trip2010Producer
Mattia De LucaVivi2010Producer
Mattia De LucaWhere Do We Go?2010Producer
Miguel GallardoDos1981Music/Lyrics
Murray HeadCatching Eddie At It1984Music/Lyrics
Murray HeadPeril In Venice1984Music/Lyrics
Murray HeadWhen You're In Love1984Music/Lyrics
Paola & ChiaraAmici come prima1997Producer
Paola & ChiaraAmore mio1997Producer
Paola & ChiaraBella1998Producer
Paola & ChiaraCi chiamano bambine1997Producer
Paola & ChiaraFrancy1997Producer
Paola & ChiaraIn viaggio1996Producer
Paola & ChiaraMi fa morire1997Producer
Paola & ChiaraNascondi in te1997Producer
Paola & ChiaraTi vada o no1997Producer
Paola & ChiaraTu non sai1997Producer
Paola & ChiaraVola il tempo1997Producer
Renato ZeroDal mare2005Producer
Renato ZeroD'aria e di musica2005Producer
Renato ZeroFai da te2005Producer
Renato ZeroImmi Ruah2005Producer
Renato ZeroL'esempio2005Producer
Renato ZeroMentre aspetto che ritorni2005Producer
Renato ZeroMi chiamo aria2005Music/Lyrics
Renato ZeroRadio o non radio2005Producer
Renato ZeroRivoluzione2016Music/Lyrics
Renato ZeroStai bene li'2005Producer
Renato ZeroTi stupirai2005Music/Lyrics
Renato ZeroUna vita fa2005Producer
RonLa pace2001Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonRight Or Wrong1981Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonSavoir Faire1981Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonSome Of Us Will1982Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonSummer's Over1980Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonTake My Time1981Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonVoice On The Radio1981Music/Lyrics
SmokieLove Is Out The Question1993Music/Lyrics
The Bliss BandStagefright1979Music/Lyrics
The Bliss BandWe Never Had It So Good1979Music/Lyrics
The Gregg Allman BandI'm No Angel1987Music/Lyrics
WaxShare The Glory1987Music/Lyrics
Se adesso te ne vai (Massimo Di Cataldo)85
Silenzio (Gianna Nannini)84.62
Savoir Faire (Sheena Easton)104.5
If Love Is Out Of The Question (CÚline Dion)94.33
Una ragione di pi¨ (Massimo Di Cataldo & Eros Ramazzotti)94.22
Right Or Wrong (Sheena Easton)54.2
Amici come prima (Paola & Chiara)74.14
Click Track (Agnetha Fńltskog)164.12
Voice On The Radio (Sheena Easton)84.12
What You Mean To Me (Chris De Burgh)104.1
Summer's Over (Sheena Easton)114.09
Take My Time (Sheena Easton)204
Take My Time (Sheena Easton)204
Click Track (Agnetha Fńltskog)164.12
Summer's Over (Sheena Easton)114.09
Savoir Faire (Sheena Easton)104.5
What You Mean To Me (Chris De Burgh)104.1
If Love Is Out Of The Question (CÚline Dion)94.33
Una ragione di pi¨ (Massimo Di Cataldo & Eros Ramazzotti)94.22
Se adesso te ne vai (Massimo Di Cataldo)85
Silenzio (Gianna Nannini)84.62
Voice On The Radio (Sheena Easton)84.12
Amici come prima (Paola & Chiara)74.14
Right Or Wrong (Sheena Easton)54.2

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