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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Peter Brown [UK]
ABC CompanyI Feel Free1969Music/Lyrics
ABC CompanyPolitician1969Music/Lyrics
ABC CompanyStrange Brew1969Music/Lyrics
ABC CompanySunshine Of Your Love1969Music/Lyrics
Ace FrehleyWhite Room2016Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
Belinda CarlisleI Feel Free1987Music/Lyrics
Ben GranfeltWhite Room1996Music/Lyrics
Bert VoordeckersWhite Room2012Music/Lyrics
Bobby McFerrinSunshine Of Your Love1988Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
Brittany HowardI Feel Free2016Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
Brooklyn BridgeI Feel Free1972Music/Lyrics
CCSSunshine Of Your Love1973Music/Lyrics
ColosseumRope Ladder To The Moon1970Music/Lyrics
ColosseumThe Machine Demands A Sacrifice1969Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
ColosseumTheme For An Imaginary Western1970Music/Lyrics
CreamAs You Said1968Music/Lyrics
CreamDance The Night Away1967Music/Lyrics
CreamDeserted Cities Of The Heart1968Music/Lyrics
CreamDoing That Scrapyard Thing1969Music/Lyrics
CreamI Feel Free1966Music/Lyrics
CreamSunshine Of Your Love1967Music/Lyrics
CreamTake It Back1967Music/Lyrics
CreamWe're Going Wrong1967Music/Lyrics
CreamWhite Room1968Music/Lyrics
Cream vs. The HoxtonsSunshine Of Your Love2005Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
David BowieI Feel Free1993Music/Lyrics
El ChicanoI Feel Free1972Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSunshine Of Your Love (Live)1969Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonWhite Room1986Music/Lyrics
Foo FightersI Feel Free2005Music/Lyrics
FunkadelicSunshine Of Your Love1989Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
Ginger Baker's AirforceSunshine Of Your Love1970Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
GreensladeTheme For An Imaginary Western1974Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
Hector [UK]Lady1974Music/Lyrics
HelloweenWhite Room1999Music/Lyrics
Hilltop Hoods feat. DraphtBrainbox2014Music/Lyrics
Hugh Cornwell And Robert WilliamsWhite Room1979Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceA Letter Of Thanks1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceA Question Of Time1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceAutomatic Pilot1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceBird Alone1980Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceBizniz2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceBlues You Can't Lose1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceBoston Ball Game, 19671969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceCan You Follow1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceChildsong1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceClose Enough For Love1993Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceCold Island (For Cozy Powell)2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceCriminality1993Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceDancing On Air1980Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceDavid's Harp1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceE-Boogie1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceEncore1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceEscape To The Royal Wood (On Ice)1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceFacelift 3181980Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceFlying1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceFM1993Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceFolk Song1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceFollow The Fire2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceG. B. Dawn Blues1993Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceGolden Days1974Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceGrease The Wheels1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceGreen And Blue1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceHe The Richmond1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceHead In The Sun1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceHeart Quake2001Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceHey Now Princess1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceHit And Run1980Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceI Feel Free1986Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceImmortal Ninth1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceIn This Way1980Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceInto The Storm1974Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceJet Set Jewel1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceKeep It Down1974Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceKeep On Wondering1974Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceKelly's Blues2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceKnow One Blues1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceKwela1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceLaughing On Music Street1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceLet Me Be1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceLife On Earth1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceLivin' Without Ya1980Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceLost In The City2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceMake Love1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceMake Love (Part 2)1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceMaybe It's Dawn1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceMickey The Fiddler1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceMilonga Too2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceMorning Story1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceNeighbour, Neighbour1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceNever Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceNew World1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceNo Surrender1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceObsession1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceOne1974Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceOnly Playing Games1989Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceOut Into The Fields2001Music/Lyrics
Jack BrucePeaces Of The East1993Music/Lyrics
Jack BrucePieces Of Mind1974Music/Lyrics
Jack BrucePlease1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BrucePolitician2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BrucePost War1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BrucePowerhouse Sod1977Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceProgress2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceRicin (Daylight Gathering)2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceRope Ladder To The Moon1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceRunning Through Our Hands1974Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceShe's Moving On1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceShips In The Night1993Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceShouldn't We1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceSmiles And Grins1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceSo They Invented Race2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceSunshine Of Your Love2001Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceSwarm1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThe Best Is Still To Come1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThe Boy1978Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThe Clearout1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThe Consul At Sunset1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThe Food1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThe Ministry Of Bag1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThe Night That Once Was Mine2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceTheme From An Imaginary Western1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThere's A Forest1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceThird Degree1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceTickets To Water Falls1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceTightrope1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceTime Repairs1995Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceTimeslip1974Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceTo Isengard1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceTravellin' Child1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceUh, Oh!2003Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceUptown Breakdown1983Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceVictoria Sage1971Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceWaiting On A Word1993Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceWeird Of Hermiston1969Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceWe're Going Wrong1970Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceWhite Room1970Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceWillpower1993Music/Lyrics
Jack BruceYou Burned The Tables On Me1971Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandHow's Tricks1977Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandJohnny B'771977Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandLost Inside A Song1977Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandMadhouse1977Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandOutsiders1977Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandSomething To Live For1977Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandTimes1977Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandWaiting For The Call1977Music/Lyrics
Jack Bruce BandWithout A Word1977Music/Lyrics
Jimi HendrixOpening Jam (The Sunshine Of Your Love)1971Music/Lyrics
John NorumSunshine Of Your Love1995Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
Leslie WestPolitician2005Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestTheme For An Imaginary Western1988Music/Lyrics
Maggie MacNealWhite Room1977Music/Lyrics
Manfred Mann's Earth BandWe're Going Wrong1987Music/Lyrics
Mark KingI Feel Free1984Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
Medeski Scofield Martin WoodSunshine Of Your Love2014Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
Michael Schenker feat. Jeff PilsonPolitician2008Music/Lyrics
Michael Schenker GroupPolitician2005Music/Lyrics
MountainTheme From An Imaginary Western1970Music/Lyrics
NucleusTwisted Track1970Music/Lyrics
Olaf StilettiIn A White Room1974Music/Lyrics
OrianthiSunshine Of Your Love2010Music/Lyrics
Ozzy OsbourneSunshine Of Your Love2005Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriBeauty & The East2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriDangerous Moonlight2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriGamblin' Man2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriJust What You Wanted2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriLove So Strong2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriMercy Me2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriNobody's Talking2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriThe Fugitive Kind2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriTill My Baby Says I Can2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriWhen We Get To The Blues2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriYou Said, I Said2010Music/Lyrics
Paul CamilleriZZ Dream2010Music/Lyrics
Pete Brown & His Battered OrnamentsMorning Call1969Music/Lyrics
Pete Brown & His Battered OrnamentsStation Song1969Music/Lyrics
Pete Brown & PibloktoLiving Life Backwards1969Music/Lyrics
Pete Brown & Piblokto!Got A Letter From A Computer1970Music/Lyrics
Pinnick Gales PridgenSunshine Of Your Love2013Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumBusinessman2017Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumCan't Say That2017Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumDon't Get Caught2017Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumI Told On You2017Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumImage Of The Beast2017Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumLast Chance Motel2017Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumNeighbour2017Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumSunday Morning2017Music/Lyrics
Procol HarumThe Only One2017Music/Lyrics
PuhdysSunshine Of Your Love1989Music/Lyrics
Robin Trower / Jack BruceFat Guy1982Music/Lyrics
Robin Trower / Jack BruceLast Train To The Stars1982Music/Lyrics
Robin Trower / Jack BruceShadows Touching1982Music/Lyrics
Robin Trower / Jack BruceThin Ice1982Music/Lyrics
Rosetta StoneSunshine Of Your Love1977Music/Lyrics
Santana feat. Rob ThomasSunshine Of Your Love2010Music/Lyrics
The 5th DimensionSunshine Of Your Love1969Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
The Amboy DukesI Feel Free1967Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
The CowsillsThe Sunshine Of Your Love1969Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
The CreamWrapping Paper1966Music/Lyrics
The Gerald Wilson OrchestraSunshine Of Your Love1968Music/Lyrics
West, Bruce & LaingOut Into The Fields1972Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
West, Bruce & LaingPleasure1972Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
West, Bruce & LaingPolitician1974Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
West, Bruce & LaingPollution Woman1972Music/Lyrics
(Peter Brown [UK])
WZRDUpper Room2012Music/Lyrics
As You Said (Cream)55.6
Theme For An Imaginary Western (Colosseum)55.2
Rope Ladder To The Moon (Colosseum)55.2
White Room (Cream)795.16
Politician (Cream)114.82
Dance The Night Away (Cream)104.8
Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)884.8
SWLABR (Cream)104.7
Deserted Cities Of The Heart (Cream)104.6
I Feel Free (Cream)644.56
I Feel Free (Belinda Carlisle)254.56
We're Going Wrong (Cream)104.5
Take It Back (Cream)84.5
Theme From An Imaginary Western (Mountain)94.44
Theme From An Imaginary Western (Jack Bruce)54.4
Doing That Scrapyard Thing (Cream)74.29
Opening Jam (The Sunshine Of Your Love) (Jimi Hendrix)54.2
White Room (Eric Clapton)74.14
Sunshine Of Your Love (Rosetta Stone)84.12
Wrapping Paper (The Cream)163.94
Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)884.8
White Room (Cream)795.16
I Feel Free (Cream)644.56
I Feel Free (Belinda Carlisle)254.56
Wrapping Paper (The Cream)163.94
Sunshine Of Your Love (Santana feat. Rob Thomas)143.71
Politician (Cream)114.82
Dance The Night Away (Cream)104.8
SWLABR (Cream)104.7
Deserted Cities Of The Heart (Cream)104.6
We're Going Wrong (Cream)104.5
Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream vs. The Hoxtons)103
Theme From An Imaginary Western (Mountain)94.44
Take It Back (Cream)84.5
Sunshine Of Your Love (Rosetta Stone)84.12
Doing That Scrapyard Thing (Cream)74.29
White Room (Eric Clapton)74.14
I Feel Free (David Bowie)63
As You Said (Cream)55.6
Theme For An Imaginary Western (Colosseum)55.2

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