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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Matt "T. Rex" Wallace, Matthew Wallace
3 Doors DownBelieve It2016Producer
3 Doors DownFell From The Moon2016Producer
3 Doors DownI Don't Wanna Know2016Producer
3 Doors DownIn The Dark2016Producer
3 Doors DownInside Of Me2016Producer
3 Doors DownLiving In Your Hell2016Producer
3 Doors DownLove Is A Lie2016Producer
3 Doors DownPieces Of Me2016Producer
3 Doors DownStill Alive2016Producer
3 Doors DownThe Broken2016Producer
3 Doors DownUs And The Night2016Producer
4 Non BlondesBless The Beasts And Children1994Producer
(Matthew Wallace)
Andy GrammerBiggest Man In Los Angeles2011Producer
(Matt "T. Rex" Wallace)
Andy GrammerBuild Me A Girl2011Producer
(Matt "T. Rex" Wallace)
Andy GrammerLadies2011Producer
(Matt "T. Rex" Wallace)
Andy GrammerLove Love Love (Let You Go)2011Producer
(Matt "T. Rex" Wallace)
As Fast AsFlorida Sunshine2006Producer
As Fast AsGretchen My Captain2006Producer
As Fast AsIf I Only Knew2006Producer
As Fast AsOpen Letter To The Damned2006Producer
As Fast AsSkin The Kat2006Producer
As Fast AsSomething Fierce2006Producer
As Fast AsSpecial2006Producer
As Fast AsThis Is Real2006Producer
As Fast AsWasted Youth2006Producer
Chantal KreviazukActions Without Love1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukBeliever1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukBoot1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukCo-Dependent1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukDisagree1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukDon't Be Good1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukGod Made Me1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukGrace1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukGreen Apples1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukHands1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukImaginary Friend1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukSurrounded1997Producer
Chantal KreviazukWayne1997Producer
David BaerwaldAll For You1990Producer
David BaerwaldStranger1990Producer
DishwallaIt's Going To Take Some Time1994Producer
(Matthew Wallace)
Eva AvilaDamned2008Producer
Eva AvilaGive Me The Music2008Producer
Eva AvilaI'm Sorry2008Producer
Eva AvilaLike A Bullet2008Producer
Eva AvilaMaster Plan2008Producer
Eva AvilaNo More Coming Back2008Producer
Eva AvilaNo Smoke2008Producer
Eva AvilaRun2008Producer
Eva AvilaSay Goodbye2008Producer
Eva AvilaWait2008Producer
Eva AvilaWhat I Want (Not What I Need)2008Producer
Eva AvilaYou Don't Say No2008Producer
Faith No MoreA Small Victory1992Producer
Faith No MoreAnne's Song1987Producer
Faith No MoreArabian Disco1985Producer
Faith No MoreAs The Worm Turns1985Producer
Faith No MoreBe Aggressive1992Producer
Faith No MoreBlood1987Producer
Faith No MoreCaffeine1992Producer
Faith No MoreChinese Arithmetic1987Producer
Faith No MoreCrack Hitler1992Producer
Faith No MoreDeath March1987Producer
Faith No MoreEdge Of The World1989Producer
Faith No MoreEpic1989Producer
Faith No MoreEverything's Ruined1992Producer
Faith No MoreFalling To Pieces1989Producer
Faith No MoreFaster Disco1987Producer
Faith No MoreFrom Out Of Nowhere1989Producer
Faith No MoreGreed1985Producer
Faith No MoreI'm Easy1992Producer
Faith No MoreIntroduce Yourself1987Producer
Faith No MoreJim1985Producer
Faith No MoreJizzlobber1992Producer
Faith No MoreKindergarten1992Producer
Faith No MoreLand Of Sunshine1992Producer
Faith No MoreMalpractice1992Producer
Faith No MoreMark Bowen1985Producer
Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis1992Producer
Faith No MoreMidnight Cowboy1992Producer
Faith No MoreNew Beginnings1985Producer
Faith No MorePills For Breakfast1985Producer
Faith No MoreR'N'R1987Producer
Faith No MoreRV1992Producer
Faith No MoreSmaller And Smaller1992Producer
Faith No MoreSpirit1987Producer
Faith No MoreSurprise! You're Dead!1989Producer
Faith No MoreThe Crab Song1987Producer
Faith No MoreThe Jungle1985Producer
Faith No MoreThe Morning After1989Producer
Faith No MoreThe Real Thing1989Producer
Faith No MoreUnderwater Love1989Producer
Faith No MoreWar Pigs1989Producer
Faith No MoreWe Care A Lot1985Producer
Faith No MoreWhy Do You Bother1985Producer
Faith No MoreWoodpecker From Mars1989Producer
Faith No MoreZombie Eaters1989Producer
Green Apple Quick StepKid1997Producer
HoobastankBetter Left Unsaid2018Producer
HoobastankBuzzkill (Before You Say Goodbye)2018Producer
HoobastankDon't Look Away2018Producer
HoobastankFallen Star2018Producer
HoobastankHead Over Heels2018Producer
HoobastankJust Let Go (Who Cares If We Fall)2018Producer
HoobastankMore Beautiful2018Producer
HoobastankPush Pull2018Producer
HoobastankThere Will Never Be Another One2018Producer
HoobastankTrue Believer2018Producer
HoobastankWe Don't Need The World2018Producer
Jennifer McCrayLove Disaster2015Music/Lyrics
John HiattAngel1993Producer
John HiattBlue Telescope1993Producer
John HiattBuffalo River Home1993Producer
John HiattCross My Fingers1993Producer
John HiattI'll Never Get Over You1993Producer
John HiattLoving A Hurricane1993Producer
John HiattOld Habits1993Producer
John HiattPerfectly Good Guitar1993Producer
John HiattPermanent Hurt1993Producer
John HiattSomething Wild1993Producer
John HiattStraight Outta Time1993Producer
John HiattThe Wreck Of The Barbie Ferrari1993Producer
John HiattWhen You Hold Me Tight1993Producer
Maroon 5Harder To Breathe2002Producer
Maroon 5Must Get Out2002Producer
Maroon 5Ragdoll2003Producer
Maroon 5Secret2002Producer
Maroon 5She Will Be Loved2002Producer
Maroon 5Shiver2002Producer
Maroon 5Sunday Morning2002Producer
Maroon 5Sweetest Goodbye2002Producer
Maroon 5Tangled2002Producer
Maroon 5The Sun2002Producer
Maroon 5This Love2002Producer
Maroon 5Through With You2002Producer
Matthew SweetLet Me Be The One1994Producer
(Matthew Wallace)
Michael Franti & SpearheadNobody Right Nobody Wrong2008Producer
Michael Franti & SpearheadThe Future2008Producer
Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Cherine AndersonSoundsystem2008Producer
Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Zap MamaHigh Low2008Producer
O.A.R.Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes2011Producer
Paul WesterbergA Few Minutes Of Silence1993Producer
Paul WesterbergBlack Eyed Susan1993Producer
Paul WesterbergDice Behind Your Shades1993Producer
Paul WesterbergDown Love1993Producer
Paul WesterbergEven Here We Are1993Producer
Paul WesterbergFirst Glimmer1993Producer
Paul WesterbergKnocking On Mine1993Producer
Paul WesterbergMannequin Shop1993Producer
Paul WesterbergRunaway Wind1993Producer
Paul WesterbergSilver Naked Ladies1993Producer
Paul WesterbergSomeone I Once Knew1993Producer
Paul WesterbergSomething Is Me1993Producer
Paul WesterbergThings1993Producer
Paul WesterbergWorld Class Fad1993Producer
R5Dark Side2015Producer
R5Did You Have Your Fun?2015Producer
R5I Know You Got Away2015Producer
R5Repeating Days2015Producer
Redd KrossYesterday Once More1994Producer
(Matthew Wallace)
Sheryl CrowSolitaire1994Producer
(Matthew Wallace)
Sippie WallaceBaby, I Can't Use You No More1925Music/Lyrics
Small MerciesFeels Like Fire2008Producer
Small MerciesThe Trouble With You And Me2008Producer
Small MerciesWhere Were You When The World Stopped Turning?2008Producer
Spin DoctorsCan't Kick The Habit2005Producer
Spin DoctorsGenuine2005Producer
Spin DoctorsHappily Ever After2005Producer
Spin DoctorsI'd Like To Love You (But I Think You Might Be Crazy)2005Producer
Spin DoctorsMargarita2005Producer
Spin DoctorsMy Problem Now2005Producer
Spin DoctorsNice Talking To Me2005Producer
Spin DoctorsSafety Pin2005Producer
Spin DoctorsSugar2005Producer
Spin DoctorsTonight You Could Steal Me Away2005Producer
Susanna HoffsCatch The Wind1996Producer
Susanna HoffsEnormous Wings1996Producer
The ReplacementsAchin' To Be1989Producer
The ReplacementsAnywhere's Better Than Here1989Producer
The ReplacementsAsking Me Lies1989Producer
The ReplacementsBack To Back1989Producer
The ReplacementsDarlin' One1989Producer
The ReplacementsI Won't1989Producer
The ReplacementsI'll Be You1989Producer
The ReplacementsRock 'N' Roll Ghost1989Producer
The ReplacementsTalent Show1989Producer
The ReplacementsThey're Blind1989Producer
The ReplacementsWe'll Inherit The Earth1989Producer
Thirsty MercAll My Life2010Producer
Thirsty MercMousetrap Heart2010Producer
Thirsty MercTommy And Krista2010Producer

Harder To Breathe (Maroon 5)08/04/2004289
This Love (Maroon 5)20/05/2004328
She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)14/10/2004312
I'll Never Get Over You (John Hiatt)55.2
Surrounded (Chantal Kreviazuk)55
Midlife Crisis (Faith No More)514.98
Perfectly Good Guitar (John Hiatt)184.89
Epic (Faith No More)964.84
Woodpecker From Mars (Faith No More)104.8
Midnight Cowboy (Faith No More)94.78
This Love (Maroon 5)3354.62
Land Of Sunshine (Faith No More)134.62
War Pigs (Faith No More)204.6
Hands (Chantal Kreviazuk)54.6
Permanent Hurt (John Hiatt)54.6
Must Get Out (Maroon 5)394.56
The Real Thing (Faith No More)114.55
A Small Victory (Faith No More)234.52
Straight Outta Time (John Hiatt)64.5
Harder To Breathe (Maroon 5)1004.48
Jizzlobber (Faith No More)114.45
She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)2044.45
Surprise! You're Dead! (Faith No More)204.45
This Love (Maroon 5)3354.62
She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)2044.45
I'm Easy (Faith No More)1434.38
Sunday Morning (Maroon 5)1154.11
Harder To Breathe (Maroon 5)1004.48
Epic (Faith No More)964.84
Midlife Crisis (Faith No More)514.98
Must Get Out (Maroon 5)394.56
Shiver (Maroon 5)383.82
Sweetest Goodbye (Maroon 5)354.34
The Sun (Maroon 5)324.12
Tangled (Maroon 5)304.3
Through With You (Maroon 5)304
Secret (Maroon 5)303.73
We Care A Lot (Faith No More)283.96
Falling To Pieces (Faith No More)254.44
A Small Victory (Faith No More)234.52
From Out Of Nowhere (Faith No More)234.26
War Pigs (Faith No More)204.6
Surprise! You're Dead! (Faith No More)204.45

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