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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: James Kerr
David Guetta feat. JD DavisThe World Is Mine2004Music/Lyrics
East Side BeatAlive & Kicking1992Music/Lyrics
IcehouseLet There Be Love2004Music/Lyrics
Johnny And The Self AbusersDead Vandals1977Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)
Johnny And The Self AbusersSaints And Sinners1977Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)
Nouvelle VagueThe American2009Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)
Paola TurciNon piango mai1997Music/Lyrics
Simple Minds20th Century Promised Land1981Music/Lyrics
Simple Minds7 Deadly Sins1995Music/Lyrics
Simple Minds70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsAfrican Skies1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsAll For You1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsAnd The Band Played On1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsAndrogyny1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsBanging On The Door1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsBarrowland Star2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsBig Music2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsBig Sleep1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsBird On A Wire2005Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsBlindfolded2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsBlood Type O2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsBoys From Brazil1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCacophony1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCalling Your Name1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCapital City1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCareful In Career1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCarnival (Shelter In A Suitcase)1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCelebrate1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCeltic Strings1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsChangeling1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsChelsea Girl1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCitizen (Dance Of Youth)1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsColours Fly And Catherine Wheel1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsConcrete And Cherry Blossom2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsConstantinople Line1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCriminal World1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsCry2002Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsDestiny1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsDisconnected2002Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsE 551995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsFace In The Sun2002Producer
Simple MindsFactory1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsFilm Theme1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsGarden Of Hate1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsGhostrider1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsGlitterball1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsGlittering Prize1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsGood Night1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsGraffiti Soul2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsGreat Leap Forward1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsHome2005Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsHonest Town2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsHuman2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsHunter And The Hunted1982Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)
Simple MindsHypnotised1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsI Travel1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsIf I Had Wings1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsImagination2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsIn Dreams2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsIn Every Heaven1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsIn Trance As Mission1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsJeweller To The Stars2000Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsKaleidoscope1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsKant-Kino1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsKill Or Cure2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsKilling Andy Warhol1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsKing Is White And In The Crowd1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsKiss And Fly2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsLeague Of Nations1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsLet The Children Speak1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsLet There Be Love1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsLife In A Day1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsLight Travels2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsLightning1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsLove Song1981Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)
Simple MindsLove Song (Live In The City Of Angels)2019Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)
Simple MindsMagic2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsMidnight Walking2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsMoscow Underground2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsMurder Story1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsMy Life1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsNaked Eye1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsNew Sunshine Morning2002Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsNight Music1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsNo Cure1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsOne Step Closer2002Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsPleasantly Disturbed1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsPremonition1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsPromised You A Miracle1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsReal Life1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsReal To Real1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsRockets2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsRoom1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSad Affair1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsScar1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSee The Lights1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSeeing Out The Angel1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSense Of Discovery2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsShadows And Light2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsShe's A River1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSilent Kiss2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSlave Nation2002Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSleeping Girl2002Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSomebody Up There Likes You1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSomeone1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSomeone Somewhere (In Summertime)1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSong For The Tribes1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSons And Fascination1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSound In 70 Cities1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSoundtrack For Every Heaven1982Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSpace2000Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSpaceface2002Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSpecial View1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSpirited Away2014Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsStagefright2013Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsStand By Love1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsStars Will Lead The Way2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsStay Visible2005Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsStranger2005Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSugar2002Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSummer2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSuperman v Supersoul1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsSweat In Bullet1981Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)
Simple MindsTears Of A Guy1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsThe American1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsThe Floating World2002Producer
Simple MindsThe Signal And The Noise2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsTheme For Great Cities1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsThirty Frames A Second1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsThis Earth That You Walk Upon1981Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsThis Fear Of Gods1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsThis Is It2009Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsThis Time1995Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsToday I Died Again1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsTravelling Man1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsTwist/Run/Repulsion1980Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsUp On The Catwalk1983Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsUtopia2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsVeldt1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsWalk Between Worlds2018Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsWar Babies1998Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsWasteland1979Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsWaterfront1983Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)
Simple MindsWhen Two Worlds Collide1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsWoman1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsWonderful In Young Life1981Music/Lyrics
Simple Minds feat. KT TunstallPromised You A Miracle2016Music/Lyrics
SuncollectorsFreak Of Paradise2002Music/Lyrics
UsuraOpen Your Mind1992Music/Lyrics
Utah SaintsNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1993Music/Lyrics
(James Kerr)

Cry (Simple Minds)04/04/2002252
Home (Simple Minds)15/09/2005187
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (Simple Minds)665.11
New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (Simple Minds)475.06
Sense Of Discovery (Simple Minds)64.83
Home (Simple Minds)404.8
Hunter And The Hunted (Simple Minds)134.77
Big Sleep (Simple Minds)114.73
Open Your Mind (Usura)1084.72
See The Lights (Simple Minds)444.68
Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel (Simple Minds)84.62
New Sunshine Morning (Simple Minds)54.6
Glittering Prize (Simple Minds)464.59
Stay Visible (Simple Minds)74.57
Somebody Up There Likes You (Simple Minds)134.54
Real Life (Simple Minds)254.52
Stranger (Simple Minds)164.5
King Is White And In The Crowd (Simple Minds)104.5
Spaceface (Simple Minds)94.44
Hypnotised (Simple Minds)504.44
Let There Be Love (Simple Minds)714.44
One Step Closer (Simple Minds)74.43
Open Your Mind (Usura)1084.72
She's A River (Simple Minds)744.36
Let There Be Love (Simple Minds)714.44
The World Is Mine (David Guetta feat. JD Davis)714.34
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (Simple Minds)665.11
Promised You A Miracle (Simple Minds)654.26
Hypnotised (Simple Minds)504.44
Waterfront (Simple Minds)484.38
New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (Simple Minds)475.06
Glittering Prize (Simple Minds)464.59
See The Lights (Simple Minds)444.68
Home (Simple Minds)404.8
Love Song (Simple Minds)394.23
Stand By Love (Simple Minds)353.89
Up On The Catwalk (Simple Minds)294.21
The American (Simple Minds)294.17
Rockets (Simple Minds)274.3
Stars Will Lead The Way (Simple Minds)274.04
Real Life (Simple Minds)254.52
Theme For Great Cities (Simple Minds)244.33

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