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Adam AntPuss 'n Boots1983Producer
Adam AntStrip1983Producer
Bee GeesIrresistible Force1997Producer
Bee GeesMiracles Happen1997Producer
Bee GeesStill Waters (Run Deep)1997Producer
Beth Hart BandRun1996Producer
ClannadA Bridge (That Carries Us Over)1996Producer
ClannadBroken Pieces1996Producer
Cosmetics [UK]Guilt1980Producer
Cosmetics [UK]Something Happened1980Producer
David BowieBlue Jean1984Producer
David BowieDancing With The Big Boys1984Producer
David BowieDon't Look Down1984Producer
David BowieGod Only Knows1984Producer
David BowieI Keep Forgettin'1984Producer
David BowieLoving The Alien1984Producer
David BowieNeighborhood Threat1984Producer
David BowieTonight1984Producer
David BowieTumble And Twirl1984Producer
David SneddonDon't Let Go2003Producer
GenesisAnything She Does1986Producer
GenesisDo The Neurotic1986Producer
GenesisFeeding The Fire1986Producer
GenesisHome By The Sea1983Producer
GenesisI'd Rather Be You1986Producer
GenesisIllegal Alien1983Producer
GenesisIn The Glow Of The Night1987Producer
GenesisIn Too Deep1986Producer
GenesisInvisible Touch1986Producer
GenesisInvisible Touch (Live)1992Producer
GenesisIt's Gonna Get Better1983Producer
GenesisJust A Job To Do1983Producer
GenesisLand Of Confusion1986Producer
GenesisSecond Home By The Sea1983Producer
GenesisSilver Rainbow1983Producer
GenesisTaking It All Too Hard1983Producer
GenesisThat's All1983Producer
GenesisThe Brazilian1986Producer
GenesisThe Last Domino1986Producer
GenesisThrowing It All Away1986Producer
GenesisTonight, Tonight, Tonight1986Producer
GenesisYou Might Recall1982Producer
Howard JonesNo One Is To Blame1985Producer
Julia FordhamPatches Of Happiness1991Producer
Julia FordhamTalk Walk Drive1991Producer
Julia FordhamThe Comfort Of Strangers1988Producer
MansunButterfly (A New Beginning)2000Producer
MansunComes As No Surprise2000Producer
MansunElectric Man2000Producer
MansunForgive Me2000Producer
MansunI Can Only Disappoint U2000Producer
MansunLove Is...2000Producer
MansunSoundtrack 4 2 Lovers2000Producer
MansunUntil The Next Life2000Producer
MansunWe Are The Boys2000Producer
McFlyI'll Be OK2005Producer
McFlyMemory Lane2005Producer
Melissa EtheridgeCome To My Window1993Producer
Melissa EtheridgeIf I Wanted To1993Producer
Melissa EtheridgeI'm The Only One1993Producer
Mummy CallsBeauty Has Her Way1987Producer
Paul McCartneyAngry1986Producer
Paul McCartneyFootprints1986Producer
Paul McCartneyGood Times Coming - Feel The Sun1986Producer
Paul McCartneyHowever Absurd1986Producer
Paul McCartneyIt's Not True1986Producer
Paul McCartneyMove Over Busker1986Producer
Paul McCartneyOnly Love Remains1986Producer
Paul McCartneyPress1986Producer
Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head1986Producer
Paul McCartneySpies Like Us1985Producer
Paul McCartneyStranglehold1986Producer
Paul McCartneyTalk More Talk1986Producer
Paul McCartneyTough On A Tightrope1986Producer
Paul McCartneyWrite Away1986Producer
Paul YoungA Certain Passion1986Producer
Paul YoungBetween Two Fires1986Producer
Paul YoungIn The Long Run1986Producer
Paul YoungPrisoner Of Conscience1986Producer
Paul YoungSome People1986Producer
Paul YoungWar Games1986Producer
Paul YoungWasting My Time1986Producer
Paul YoungWedding Day1986Producer
Paul YoungWhy Does A Man Have To Be Strong1986Producer
Paul YoungWonderland1986Producer
Phil CollinsAll Of My Life1989Producer
Phil CollinsAnother Day In Paradise1989Producer
Phil CollinsAround The World In 80 Presets1990Producer
Phil CollinsColours1989Producer
Phil CollinsDance Into The Light1996Producer
Phil CollinsDo You Remember?1989Producer
Phil CollinsDo You Remember? (Live)1990Producer
Phil CollinsDoesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore1985Producer
Phil CollinsDon't Lose My Number1985Producer
Phil CollinsFather To Son1989Producer
Phil CollinsFind A Way To My Heart1989Producer
Phil CollinsHang In Long Enough1989Producer
Phil CollinsHeat On The Street1989Producer
Phil CollinsI Don't Wanna Know1985Producer
Phil CollinsI Like The Way1985Producer
Phil CollinsI Missed Again1980Producer
Phil CollinsI Wish It Would Rain Down1989Producer
Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight1981Producer
Phil CollinsIn The Air Tonight ('88 Remix)1988Producer
Phil CollinsInside Out1985Producer
Phil CollinsIt's In Your Eyes1996Producer
Phil CollinsJust Another Story1996Producer
Phil CollinsLong Long Way To Go1985Producer
Phil CollinsLorenzo1996Producer
Phil CollinsLove Police1996Producer
Phil CollinsNo Matter Who...1996Producer
Phil CollinsOne More Night1985Producer
Phil CollinsOnly You Know And I Know1985Producer
Phil CollinsOughta Know By Now1996Producer
Phil CollinsRiver So Wide1996Producer
Phil CollinsSaturday Night And Sunday Morning1989Producer
Phil CollinsSomething Happened On The Way To Heaven1989Producer
Phil CollinsSussudio1985Producer
Phil CollinsTake Me Down1996Producer
Phil CollinsTake Me Home1985Producer
Phil CollinsThat's Just The Way It Is1989Producer
Phil CollinsThat's What You Said1996Producer
Phil CollinsThe Man With The Horn1985Producer
Phil CollinsThe Same Moon1996Producer
Phil CollinsThe Times They Are A-Changin'1996Producer
Phil CollinsWe Said Hello Goodbye1985Producer
Phil CollinsWear My Hat1996Producer
Phil CollinsWho Said I Would1985Producer
Phil CollinsYou've Been In Love (That Little Bit Too Long)1989Producer
Phil Collins and Marilyn MartinSeparate Lives1985Producer
Split EnzBon Voyage1983Producer
Split EnzBullet Brain And Cactus Head1983Producer
Split EnzConflicting Emotions1983Producer
Split EnzDirty Creature1982Producer
Split EnzFire Drill1982Producer
Split EnzGiant Heartbeat1982Producer
Split EnzHaul Away1982Producer
Split EnzHello Sandy Allen1982Producer
Split EnzI Wake Up Every Night1983Producer
Split EnzKia Kaha (Ever Be Strong)1984Producer
Split EnzLog Cabin Fever1982Producer
Split EnzLost For Words1982Producer
Split EnzMake Sense Of It1982Producer
Split EnzMessage To My Girl1983Producer
Split EnzNever Ceases To Amaze Me1982Producer
Split EnzNo Mischief1983Producer
Split EnzOur Day1983Producer
Split EnzParasite1983Producer
Split EnzPioneer1982Producer
Split EnzSix Months In A Leaky Boat1982Producer
Split EnzSmall World1982Producer
Split EnzStrait Old Line1983Producer
Split EnzTake A Walk1982Producer
Split EnzThe Devil You Know1983Producer
Split EnzWorking Up An Appetite1983Producer
Stephen BishopLove At Distance1989Producer
Stephen BishopWalking On Air1989Producer
StingAll Four Seasons1996Producer
StingAll This Time1991Producer
StingEverybody Laughed But You1993Producer
StingFields Of Gold1993Producer
StingHeavy Cloud No Rain1993Producer
StingI Hung My Head1996Producer
StingI Miss You Kate1991Producer
StingI Was Brought To My Senses1996Producer
StingIf I Ever Lose My Faith In You1993Producer
StingI'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying1996Producer
StingIsland Of Souls1991Producer
StingIt's Probably Me1993Producer
StingJanuary Stars1993Producer
StingJeremiah Blues (Part 1)1991Producer
StingLa belle dame sans regrets1996Producer
StingLet Your Soul Be Your Pilot1996Producer
StingLithium Sunset1996Producer
StingLove Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven)1993Producer
StingMad About You1991Producer
StingNothing 'Bout Me1993Producer
StingOo La La Hugh1991Producer
StingSaint Agnes And The Burning Train1991Producer
StingSaint Augustine In Hell1993Producer
StingSeven Days1993Producer
StingShe's Too Good For Me1993Producer
StingSomething The Boy Said1993Producer
StingThe Hounds Of Winter1996Producer
StingThe Soul Cages1991Producer
StingThe Wild Wild Sea1991Producer
StingThis Cowboy Song1994Producer
StingTwenty Five To Midnight1996Producer
StingWe Work The Black Seam1985Producer
StingWhen The Angels Fall1991Producer
StingWhen We Dance1994Producer
StingWhy Should I Cry For You?1991Producer
StingYou Still Touch Me1996Producer
The Dream AcademyIndian Summer1987Producer
The Dream AcademyPower To Believe1987Producer
The FixxBig Wall1987Producer
The FixxDon't Be Scared1987Producer
The FixxRed Skies [1987]1987Producer
The FixxRules And Schemes1987Producer
The Human LeagueBetrayed1984Producer
The Human LeagueDon't You Know I Want You1984Producer
The Human LeagueI Love You Too Much1983Producer
The Human LeagueI'm Coming Back1984Producer
The Human LeagueLife On Your Own1984Producer
The Human LeagueLouise1984Producer
The Human LeagueRock Me Again + Again + Again + Again1984Producer
The Human LeagueSo Hurt1984Producer
The Human LeagueThe Lebanon1984Producer
The Human LeagueThe Sign1984Producer
The Human LeagueThe World Tonight1984Producer
The Human LeagueThirteen1983Producer
The PoliceDarkness1981Producer
The PoliceDemolition Man1981Producer
The PoliceEvery Breath You Take1983Producer
The PoliceEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic1981Producer
The PoliceHungry For You (J'aurais toujours faim de toi)1981Producer
The PoliceInvisible Sun1981Producer
The PoliceKing Of Pain1983Producer
The PoliceMiss Gradenko1983Producer
The PoliceMother1983Producer
The PoliceMurder By Numbers1983Producer
The PoliceO My God1983Producer
The PoliceOmegaman1981Producer
The PoliceOnce Upon A Daydream1983Producer
The PoliceOne World (Not Three)1981Producer
The PoliceRehumanize Yourself1981Producer
The PoliceSecret Journey1981Producer
The PoliceShambelle1981Producer
The PoliceSomeone To Talk To1983Producer
The PoliceSpirits In The Material World1981Producer
The PoliceSynchronicity I1983Producer
The PoliceSynchronicity II1983Producer
The PoliceTea In The Sahara1983Producer
The PoliceToo Much Information1981Producer
The PoliceWalking In Your Footsteps1983Producer
The PoliceWrapped Around Your Finger1983Producer
Tin MachineOne Shot1991Producer
Tina Turner & David BowieTonight (Live)1988Producer
XTCAll Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)1981Producer
XTCBall And Chain1982Producer
XTCBlame The Weather1981Producer
XTCDown In The Cockpit1981Producer
XTCEnglish Roundabout1981Producer
XTCFly On The Wall1981Producer
XTCHeaven Is Paved With Broken Glass1982Producer
XTCIt's Nearly Africa1981Producer
XTCJason And The Argonauts1981Producer
XTCKnuckle Down1981Producer
XTCMelt The Guns1981Producer
XTCNo Thugs In Our House1981Producer
XTCPunch And Judy1982Producer
XTCSenses Working Overtime1981Producer
XTCTissue Tigers (The Arguers)1981Producer
XTCYacht Dance1981Producer
Every Breath You Take (The Police)3025.24
In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)3245.15
Fields Of Gold (Sting)1725.13
Home By The Sea (Genesis)615.07
Mama (Genesis)2285.06
Land Of Confusion (Genesis)2115.06
Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins)2935.04
Second Home By The Sea (Genesis)354.97
Take Me Home (Phil Collins)754.95
I Wish It Would Rain Down (Phil Collins)1744.93
Message To My Girl (Split Enz)354.91
Long Long Way To Go (Phil Collins)324.91
Feeding The Fire (Genesis)104.9
The Times They Are A-Changin' (Phil Collins)224.86
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police)1414.86
I'd Rather Be You (Genesis)74.86
Don't Lose My Number (Phil Collins)944.83
Invisible Touch (Genesis)1704.8
Do You Remember? (Live) (Phil Collins)394.77
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (Phil Collins)1164.77
In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)3245.15
Every Breath You Take (The Police)3025.24
Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins)2935.04
Mama (Genesis)2285.06
Land Of Confusion (Genesis)2115.06
One More Night (Phil Collins)1784.56
I Wish It Would Rain Down (Phil Collins)1744.93
Fields Of Gold (Sting)1725.13
Invisible Touch (Genesis)1704.8
Sussudio (Phil Collins)1574.32
That's All (Genesis)1484.74
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police)1414.86
Dance Into The Light (Phil Collins)1253.94
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (Phil Collins)1164.77
In Too Deep (Genesis)1034.56
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Genesis)1024.74
Blue Jean (David Bowie)994.32
Don't Lose My Number (Phil Collins)944.83
Tonight (Live) (Tina Turner & David Bowie)874.51
All This Time (Sting)834.6

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