Italy Top 100 Songs (Popnable Chart)
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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Eugene Lees
Al JarreauWaltz For Debby2004Music/Lyrics
Andrea Bocelli with Nelly FurtadoCorcovado - Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars2013Music/Lyrics
Antonio Carlos JobimDreamer1980Music/Lyrics
Antonio Carlos JobimOff-Key1967Music/Lyrics
Antonio Carlos JobimQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1980Music/Lyrics
Antonio Carlos JobimThis Happy Madness1980Music/Lyrics
Art GarfunkelQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)2006Music/Lyrics
Barbara AcklinQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1970Music/Lyrics
Bill EvansWaltz For Debby1961Music/Lyrics
Blossom DearieQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby ShortSomeone To Light Up My Life1982Music/Lyrics
Carmen McRaeThe Right To Love1973Music/Lyrics
Charles AznavourA Blue Like The Blue Of Your Eyes2014Music/Lyrics
Charles AznavourFor Me, Formidable [English]1965Music/Lyrics
Charles AznavourHow Sad Venice Can Be1995Music/Lyrics
Charles AznavourThere Is A Time1990Music/Lyrics
Chris MontezQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)1968Music/Lyrics
Chris Montez and RazaYesterday I Heard The Rain1972Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineThere Is A Time1973Music/Lyrics
David SoulI Will Warm Your Heart1966Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallQuiet Nights2009Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickBridges (Travessia)2015Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickYesterday I Heard The Rain1968Music/Lyrics
Doris DayQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1964Music/Lyrics
Eliane EliasDreamer (Vivo sonhando)2004Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBonita1981Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldDreamer1981Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldOff Key1981Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1981Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSong Of The Jet1981Music/Lyrics
Engelbert HumperdinckQuiet Nights1967Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraBonita1969Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraOff Key (Desafinado)1969Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)1967Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraSomeone To Light Up My Life1969Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThis Happy Madness1969Music/Lyrics
Gary McFarlandDreamer1964Music/Lyrics
Gitte HęnningOne Day (Waltz For Debbie)2007Music/Lyrics
(Eugene Lees)
Herbie MannWaltz For Debbie1995Music/Lyrics
Jackie & RoyCorcovado1967Music/Lyrics
Jim Tomlinson feat. Stacey KentCorcovado2005Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliThere Is A Time1966Music/Lyrics
(Eugene Lees)
Manfred Krug & Charles BrauerQuiet Nights1996Music/Lyrics
Mario BiondiThe Mystery Of Man2016Music/Lyrics
(Eugene Lees)
Nancy WilsonThe Right To Love1967Music/Lyrics
O.C. SmithQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)1967Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeThe Right To Love (Reflections)1964Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1966Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoYesterday I Heard The Rain1971Music/Lyrics
Robert GouletQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1964Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1965Music/Lyrics
Scott WalkerSomeone To Light Up My Life1969Music/Lyrics
Sheila Carter And Episode SixI Will Warm Your Heart1966Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyYesterday I Heard The Rain1970Music/Lyrics
SonzeiraThe Mystery Of Man2014Music/Lyrics
Stacey KentDouble Rainbow2017Music/Lyrics
Stacey KentThis Happy Madness2013Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzReflections1964Music/Lyrics
Stan Getz / Joćo GilbertoCorcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)1963Music/Lyrics
Stan Getz / Joćo GilbertoDouble Rainbow1975Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsQuiet Night Of Quiet Stars1966Music/Lyrics
The LettermenMeditation / Quiet Nights1967Music/Lyrics
Till Brönner feat. Till BrönnerBonita2008Music/Lyrics
Tim WeisbergMagic Lady1980Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettBridges1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettHere1969Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettOnce In A Garden1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)1962Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettSomeone To Light Up My Life1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettSong Of The Jet (Samba Do Aviao)1965Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettSongs Of The Jet Set1965Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThe Right To Love1965Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettWaltz For Debby1964Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettYesterday I Heard The Rain (Esta tarde vi llover)1968Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Alejandro SanzYesterday I Heard The Rain2011Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioWaltz For Debby1964Music/Lyrics
Toots ThielemansWaltz For Debby1994Music/Lyrics
Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) (Stan Getz / Joćo Gilberto)94.78
Yesterday I Heard The Rain (Shirley Bassey)74.71
Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) (Stan Getz / Joćo Gilberto)94.78
Yesterday I Heard The Rain (Shirley Bassey)74.71

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