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All Time LowThat Girl2011Producer
As Fast AsFlorida Sunshine2006Producer
BanglesAll About You1984Producer
BanglesAngels Don't Fall In Love1985Producer
BanglesDover Beach1984Producer
BanglesGoing Down To Liverpool1984Producer
BanglesHero Takes A Fall1984Producer
BanglesHe's Got A Secret1984Producer
BanglesIf She Knew What She Wants1985Producer
BanglesIn A Different Light1985Producer
BanglesLet It Go1985Producer
BanglesManic Monday1985Producer
BanglesMore Than Meets The Eye1984Producer
BanglesNot Like You1985Music/Lyrics
BanglesReturn Post1985Producer
BanglesSeptember Gurls1985Producer
BanglesSilent Treatment1984Producer
BanglesStanding In The Hallway1985Music/Lyrics
BanglesTell Me1984Producer
BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian1985Producer
BanglesWalking Down Your Street1985Music/Lyrics
Deacon BlueLong Window To Love1989Producer
Deacon BlueSilhouette1989Producer
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones feat. Stevie Ray VaughanPipeline1987Producer
Dirty HeadsFeeling Good2016Music/Lyrics
FishboneBonin' In The Boneyard1988Producer
FishboneMa And Pa1988Producer
FluoresceinStoned Cold War1997Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonBlack And Blue2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonBlood Brothers2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonDo It Now2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonEnd Of World2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonFire2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonGhost2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonHow We Love2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonI'm Through2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonIn The Sea2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonKeep Warm2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonPalm Of Your Hand2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonRibbons2011Producer
Ingrid MichaelsonThis Is War2011Producer
Jackie EvanchoMamma2017Producer
k.d. lang with Tony BennettMoonglow1994Producer
Kelly ClarksonBe Still2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonCan I Have A Kiss2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonDon't Waste Your Time2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonHaunted2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonHole2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonHow I Feel2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonIrvine2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonJudas2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonMaybe2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonNever Again2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonOne Minute2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonSober2007Producer
Kelly ClarksonYeah2007Producer
Lana Del ReyBrite Lites2010Producer
Lana Del ReyFor K Part 22010Producer
Lana Del ReyGramma Music/Lyrics
Lana Del ReyGramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven)2010Producer
Lana Del ReyJump2010Producer
Lana Del ReyKill Kill2010Producer
Lana Del ReyMermaid Motel2010Producer
Lana Del ReyOh Say Can You See Me2010Producer
Lana Del ReyPawn Shop Blues2010Producer
Lana Del ReyPut Me In A Movie2010Producer
Lana Del ReyQueen Of The Gas Station2010Producer
Lana Del ReyRaise Me Up (Mississippi South)2010Producer
Lana Del ReySmarty2010Producer
Lana Del ReyYayo2010Producer
Leslie WestPeople Get Ready2015Music/Lyrics
Low MillionsJulia2004Producer
MatisyahuDarkness Into Light2009Producer
MatisyahuI Will Be Light2009Music/Lyrics
MatisyahuOn Nature2009Music/Lyrics
MatisyahuSmash Lies2009Music/Lyrics
MatisyahuSo Hi So Lo2009Music/Lyrics
MatisyahuWatching The Wheels2007Producer
MatisyahuWe Will Walk2009Music/Lyrics
Nathalie ArchangelDiamonds In The Rough1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelI Can't Reach You1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelIt Was Us1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelLa vie continue...1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelLet's Make Love1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelMr. Perfect For Me1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelNever Be The Same1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelNever Let Me Down Again1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelPledge My Time1987Producer
Nathalie ArchangelWhat I'd Do1987Producer
Paul McCartneyAbout You2001Producer
Paul McCartneyBack In The Sunshine Again2001Producer
Paul McCartneyComing Up1980Producer
Paul McCartneyDance Tonight2007Producer
Paul McCartneyDriving Rain2001Producer
Paul McCartneyEver Present Past2007Producer
Paul McCartneyFeet In The Clouds2007Producer
Paul McCartneyFreedom2001Producer
Paul McCartneyFrom A Lover To A Friend2001Producer
Paul McCartneyGratitude2007Producer
Paul McCartneyHeather2001Producer
Paul McCartneyHouse Of Wax2007Producer
Paul McCartneyI Do2001Producer
Paul McCartneyIt's So Easy2011Producer
Paul McCartneyLonely Road2001Producer
Paul McCartneyMagic2001Producer
Paul McCartneyMr. Bellamy2007Producer
Paul McCartneyNod Your Head2007Producer
Paul McCartneyOnly Mama Knows2007Producer
Paul McCartneyRiding Into Jaipur2001Producer
Paul McCartneyRinse The Raindrops2001Producer
Paul McCartneySee Your Sunshine2007Producer
Paul McCartneyShe's Given Up Talking2001Producer
Paul McCartneySpinning On An Axis2001Producer
Paul McCartneyThat Was Me2007Producer
Paul McCartneyThe End Of The End2007Producer
Paul McCartneyTiny Bubble2001Producer
Paul McCartneyVintage Clothes2007Producer
Paul McCartneyYesterday1984Producer
Paul McCartneyYou Tell Me2007Producer
Paul McCartneyYour Loving Flame2001Producer
Paul McCartneyYour Way2001Producer
Pearl Harbor And The ExplosionsDrivin'1979Producer
Rank And FileAmanda Ruth1982Producer
Red Rockers(Come On Into) My House1983Producer
Red RockersAnswers To The Questions1983Music/Lyrics
Red RockersBall Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)1983Producer
Red RockersCan You Hear1981Producer
Red RockersChange The World Around1983Music/Lyrics
Red RockersChina1983Music/Lyrics
Red RockersCondition Red1981Producer
Red RockersDead Heroes1981Producer
Red RockersDreams Fade Away1983Music/Lyrics
Red RockersFanfare For Metropolis1983Music/Lyrics
Red RockersFolsom Prison Blues1981Producer
Red RockersGood As Gold1983Music/Lyrics
Red RockersGrow Up1981Producer
Red RockersGuns Of Revolution1980Producer
Red RockersHold On1981Producer
Red RockersHome Is Where The War Is1983Producer
Red RockersKnow What I Think1981Producer
Red RockersLive Or Die1981Producer
Red RockersNothing To Loose1980Producer
Red RockersPeer Pressure1981Producer
Red RockersRunning Away From You1983Producer
Red RockersTeenage Underground1980Producer
Red Rockers'Til It All Falls Down1983Music/Lyrics
Red RockersVoice Of America1983Producer
Red RockersWhite Law1981Producer
Regina Spektor20 Years Of Snow2006Producer
Regina SpektorAnother Town2006Producer
Regina SpektorAprès moi2006Producer
Regina SpektorBaobabs2006Producer
Regina SpektorBetter2006Producer
Regina SpektorDüsseldorf2006Producer
Regina SpektorEdit2006Producer
Regina SpektorFidelity2006Producer
Regina SpektorField Below2006Producer
Regina SpektorHero2009Producer
Regina SpektorHotel Song2006Producer
Regina SpektorHuman Of The Year2009Producer
Regina SpektorLady2006Producer
Regina SpektorMusic Box2006Producer
Regina SpektorOn The Radio2006Producer
Regina SpektorSamson2002Producer
Regina SpektorSummer In The City2006Producer
Regina SpektorThat Time2006Producer
Regina SpektorUh-merica2006Producer
Renée FlemingEndlessly2010Producer
Renée FlemingHallelujah2010Producer
Renée FlemingIn Your Eyes2010Producer
Renée FlemingIntervention2010Producer
Renée FlemingMad World2010Producer
Renée FlemingNo One's Gonna Love You2010Producer
Renée FlemingOxygen2010Producer
Renée FlemingSoul Meets Body2010Producer
Renée FlemingStepping Stone2010Producer
Renée FlemingToday2010Producer
Renée FlemingWith Twilight As My Guide2010Producer
Romeo VoidA Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)1984Music/Lyrics
Romeo VoidSix Days And One1985Producer
Shawn Colvin(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night1994Producer
Shawn ColvinEvery Little Thing (He) Does Is Magic1994Producer
Shawn ColvinIf These Walls Could Speak1994Producer
Shawn ColvinKilling The Blues1994Producer
Shawn ColvinSatin Sheets1994Producer
Shawn ColvinSomeday1994Producer
Shawn ColvinThere's A Rugged Road1994Producer
Shawn ColvinThis Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)1994Producer
Shawn ColvinTwilight1994Producer
Shawn ColvinWindow To The World1994Producer
Shawn ColvinYou're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go1994Producer
Shawn Colvin & Mary Chapin CarpenterOne Cool Remove1994Producer
Stevie NicksLove Changes2001Producer
SublimeApril 29, 1992 (Miami)1996Producer
SublimeCaress Me Down1996Producer
SublimeDoin' Time1996Producer
SublimeWhat I Got1996Producer
Sugar RayAbracadabra1999Producer
Sugar RayAim For Me1999Producer
Sugar RayAmerican Pig1997Producer
Sugar RayAnyone1997Producer
Sugar RayBlues From A Gun2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayBreathe1997Producer
Sugar RayBring Me The Head Of...2003Producer
Sugar RayBurning Dog1999Producer
Sugar RayCan't Start2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayCash1997Producer
Sugar RayChasin' You Around2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayEven Though1999Producer
Sugar RayEvery Morning1999Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayFalls Apart1999Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayFly1997Producer
Sugar RayGlory1999Producer
Sugar RayHeaven2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayHigh Anxiety1997Producer
Sugar RayIn Through The Doggie Door2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayInvisible1997Producer
Sugar RayIs She Really Going Out With Him?2003Producer
Sugar RayMr. Bartender (It's So Easy)2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayNew Direction1999Producer
Sugar RayOde To The Lonely Hearted1999Producer
Sugar RayOurs2001Producer
Sugar RayPersonal Space Invader1999Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayPhotograph Of You2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayPsychedelic Bee Producer
Sugar RayRight Direction1997Producer
Sugar RayRPM1997Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayShe's Different2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayShot Of Laughter2005Music/Lyrics
Sugar RaySomeday1999Music/Lyrics
Sugar RaySpeed Home California1997Producer
Sugar RayStand And Deliver1997Producer
Sugar RayTap, Twist, Snap1997Producer
Sugar RayTime After Time2005Producer
Sugar RayWhatever We Are2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar RayWhen It's Over2001Music/Lyrics
Sugar Ray feat. KRS-OneLive & Direct1999Music/Lyrics
Sugar Ray feat. Shaggy56 Hope Road2003Music/Lyrics
Sugar Ray feat. Super CatFly1997Producer
Susanna HoffsBoys Keep Swinging1991Producer
Susanna HoffsCircus Girl1990Producer
Susanna HoffsIt's Lonely Out There1991Producer
Susanna HoffsMade Of Stone1990Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsMy Side Of The Bed1990Producer
Susanna HoffsNo Kind Of Love1991Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsOnly Love1991Producer
Susanna HoffsSo Much For Love1991Producer
Susanna HoffsSomething New1991Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsThat's Why Girls Cry1991Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsThis Time1991Producer
Susanna HoffsUnconditional Love1991Producer
Susanna HoffsWishing On Telstar1991Producer
Taking Back SundayCapital M-E2009Producer
Taking Back SundayCarpathia2009Producer
Taking Back SundayCatholic Knees2009Producer
Taking Back SundayCut Me Up Jenny2009Producer
Taking Back SundayEverything Must Go2009Producer
Taking Back SundayLonely, Lonely2009Producer
Taking Back SundayNew Again2009Producer
Taking Back SundaySink Into Me2009Producer
Taking Back SundaySummer, Man2009Producer
Taking Back SundaySwing2009Producer
Teddy ThompsonDelilah2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonGotta Have Someone2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonHome2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonI Feel2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonLooking For A Girl2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonOver And Over2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonTake Care Of Yourself2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonTake Me Back Again2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonThe Next One2011Producer
Teddy ThompsonThe One I Can't Have2011Producer
Teddy Thompson & Jenni MuldaurTell Me What You Want2011Producer
The OutfieldInside Your Skin1989Producer
The OutfieldMy Paradise1989Producer
The OutfieldThe Night Ain't Over1988Producer
The OutfieldVoices Of Babylon1989Producer
The RubensMy Gun2012Music/Lyrics
The Strokes15 Minutes2005Producer
The StrokesAsk Me Anything2005Producer
The StrokesElectricityscape2005Producer
The StrokesEvening Sun2005Producer
The StrokesFear Of Sleep2005Producer
The StrokesHawaii2005Producer
The StrokesHeart In A Cage2005Producer
The StrokesIze Of The World2005Producer
The StrokesJuicebox2005Producer
The StrokesKilling Lies2005Producer
The StrokesOn The Other Side2005Producer
The StrokesRazorblade2005Producer
The StrokesRed Light2005Producer
The StrokesVision Of Division2005Producer
The StrokesYou Only Live Once2005Producer
The Strokes feat. Eddie Vedder and Josh HommeMercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)2005Producer
Tony BennettAll Of You1993Producer
Tony BennettAlways1994Producer
Tony BennettCloudy Morning1995Producer
Tony BennettDaybreak1995Producer
Tony BennettDown In The Depths1995Producer
Tony BennettGod Bless The Child1995Producer
Tony BennettHe Loves And She Loves1993Producer
Tony BennettHoneysuckle Rose1995Producer
Tony BennettI Got Rhythm1995Producer
Tony BennettI Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan1993Producer
Tony BennettI'm In Love Again1995Producer
Tony BennettIt Only Happens When I Dance With You1993Producer
Tony BennettMoonlight In Vermont1995Producer
Tony BennettMy Ideal1995Producer
Tony BennettMy Love Went To London1995Producer
Tony BennettNice Work If You Can Get It1993Producer
Tony BennettSentimental Journey1995Producer
Tony BennettShall We Dance1993Producer
Tony BennettShine On Your Shoes1993Producer
Tony BennettSomewhere Over The Rainbow1995Producer
Tony BennettSteppin' Out With My Baby1994Producer
Tony BennettTangerine1995Producer
Tony BennettThat's Entertainment1993Producer
Tony BennettTop Hat, White Tie And Tails1993Producer
Tony BennettWho Cares?1993Producer
Tony BennettYou Showed Me The Way1995Producer
Tony BennettYou're All The World To Me1993Producer
Tony BennettYou're Easy To Dance With / Change Partners / Cheek To Cheek1993Producer
Tony Bennett & Shawn ColvinYoung At Heart1994Producer
Tony Bennett with Elvis CostelloThey Can't Take That Away From Me1994Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioAll Of You1993Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioBy Myself1993Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioDancing In The Dark1993Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioI Concentrate On You1993Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioMaybe This Time1995Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioPeople1995Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioPoor Butterfly1995Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioTenderly1995Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioThey All Laughed1993Producer
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioThey Can't Take That Away From Me1993Producer
Wire TrainChamber Of Hellos1984Producer
Wire TrainEverything's Turning Up Down Again1984Producer
Wire TrainI Forget It All (When I See You)1984Producer
Wire TrainI Gotta Go1984Producer
Wire TrainI'll Do You1984Producer
Wire TrainLike1984Producer
Wire TrainLove Against Me1984Producer
Wire TrainNever1984Producer
Wire TrainShe's On Fire1984Producer
Wire TrainSlow Down1984Producer
Razorblade (The Strokes)225.14
Yesterday (Paul McCartney)195.11
Ghost (Ingrid Michaelson)75
Heart In A Cage (The Strokes)274.96
You Only Live Once (The Strokes)494.96
On The Other Side (The Strokes)144.93
Ize Of The World (The Strokes)164.88
Voices Of Babylon (The Outfield)214.86
Unconditional Love (Susanna Hoffs)194.84
Manic Monday (Bangles)2204.84
20 Years Of Snow (Regina Spektor)64.83
Kill Kill (Lana Del Rey)94.78
Field Below (Regina Spektor)134.77
Haunted (Kelly Clarkson)344.76
Sober (Kelly Clarkson)504.76
If She Knew What She Wants (Bangles)1284.7
Vision Of Division (The Strokes)134.69
Irvine (Kelly Clarkson)304.63
Doin' Time (Sublime)84.62
Walk Like An Egyptian (Bangles)2104.6
Manic Monday (Bangles)2204.84
Walk Like An Egyptian (Bangles)2104.6
Never Again (Kelly Clarkson)1524.32
If She Knew What She Wants (Bangles)1284.7
Coming Up (Paul McCartney)674
Don't Waste Your Time (Kelly Clarkson)604.12
Walking Down Your Street (Bangles)514.29
Sober (Kelly Clarkson)504.76
One Minute (Kelly Clarkson)503.98
You Only Live Once (The Strokes)494.96
Following (Bangles)453.76
Going Down To Liverpool (Bangles)394.54
Fidelity (Regina Spektor)394.28
Every Morning (Sugar Ray)394.26
Hero Takes A Fall (Bangles)373.86
Juicebox (The Strokes)364.5
My Side Of The Bed (Susanna Hoffs)364.33
Dance Tonight (Paul McCartney)354.11
Haunted (Kelly Clarkson)344.76
Maybe (Kelly Clarkson)333.91

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