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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: David M. Allen
12 Drummers DrummingHigher Place1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingI Was The One1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingKiss Me Kate1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingLittle Darling1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingLost In Space1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingLoveless1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingPicture Perfect1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingShower Of Love1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingSuicide Summer1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingThis Old World1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
12 Drummers DrummingWhat Now1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
Allen ChaneyIt Is Nowhere1982Producer
Clan Of XymoxOut Of The Rain1997Producer
(David M. Allen)
Die Toten Hosen & Arturo BassickRichmond1991Music/Lyrics
Division KentThis Big Hush2007Music/Lyrics
Engine RoomYour Kiss Is A Weapon1985Producer
Foster PilkingtonListening Land1986Producer
Fra Lippo LippiCome Summer1986Producer
Fra Lippo LippiEvery Time I See You1986Producer
Fra Lippo LippiShouldn't Have To Be Like That1986Producer
Frank OceanFutura Free2016Music/Lyrics
Frank OceanSolo2016Music/Lyrics
Frente!Bill's O'Bubblin1996Producer
(David M. Allen)
Frente!Sit On My Hands1996Producer
(David M. Allen)
Friction GrooveTime Bomb1985Producer
Gang Of FourAt Home He's A Tourist1979Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourCapital (It Fails Us Now)1981Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourDamaged Goods1978Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourHistory's Bunk1981Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourLove Like Anthrax1978Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourNatural's Not In It1979Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourNot Great Men1979Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourTo Hell With Poverty1979Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourWhat We All Want1981Music/Lyrics
Gang Of FourWhy Theory?1981Music/Lyrics
Gianna Nannini5 minuti1990Producer
Gianna Nannini500 anni1995Producer
Gianna NanniniBell' amica1993Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna NanniniBellatrix1995Producer
Gianna NanniniCon te1995Producer
Gianna NanniniDea1990Producer
Gianna NanniniDue ragazze in me1990Producer
Gianna NanniniE-ya-po e-ya-po1990Producer
Gianna NanniniFiori del veleno1990Producer
Gianna NanniniFotografia1995Producer
Gianna NanniniGiramore1993Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna NanniniIndiana1990Producer
Gianna NanniniIo e Bobby McGee1979Producer
Gianna NanniniIo senza te1993Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna NanniniLamento1993Producer
Gianna NanniniLontano lontano1995Producer
Gianna NanniniMadonna - Welt1990Producer
Gianna NanniniMaremma1993Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna NanniniMeravigliosa creatura1995Producer
Gianna NanniniNinna nanna1993Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna NanniniNinna nera1995Producer
Gianna NanniniNon c'è pace1995Producer
Gianna NanniniNon ti voglio1995Producer
Gianna NanniniOttava vita1995Producer
Gianna NanniniPer dispetto1995Producer
Gianna NanniniPer forza e per amore1993Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna NanniniPiangerò1995Producer
Gianna NanniniPrimadonna1982Producer
Gianna NanniniPrincipe azzurro1993Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna NanniniSalome'1990Producer
Gianna NanniniScandalo1990Producer
Gianna NanniniSorridi1990Producer
Gianna NanniniSpiriti amanti1990Producer
Gianna NanniniTira tira1993Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna NanniniUn desiderio1990Producer
(David M. Allen)
Gianna Nannini feat. JovanottiRadio Baccano1993Producer
HalPlay The Hits2004Music/Lyrics
Joan KennedyTalk To My Heart1992Music/Lyrics
King SwampBlown Away1989Music/Lyrics
King SwampGlow1989Music/Lyrics
King SwampIs This Love?1989Music/Lyrics
King SwampMidnight For The World1989Music/Lyrics
Neneh CherryBeastiality1996Producer
Neneh CherryCarry Me1996Producer
Neneh CherryHornbeam1996Producer
Neneh CherryKootchi1996Producer
Neneh CherryTelephone Pole1996Producer
Noise AbroadVent That Spleen1983Music/Lyrics
Positive NoiseWhen Lightning Strikes1983Producer
Richard Strange & The Engine RoomDamascus (Burn In The Shadows)1988Producer
Sara CraigElastic1995Music/Lyrics
Shelleyan OrphanA Few Small Hours1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanAmanita Muscaria1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanBetween Two Waves1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanCentury Flower1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanSelf1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanShatter1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanSummer Flies1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanTar Baby1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanThe Silent Day1989Producer
Shelleyan OrphanTimeblind1989Producer
ShriekbackEverything That Rises Must Converge1985Music/Lyrics
ShriekbackFaded Flowers1985Music/Lyrics
ShriekbackFish Below The Ice1985Music/Lyrics
ShriekbackHealth And Knowledge And Wealth And Power1985Music/Lyrics
ShriekbackLined Up1983Music/Lyrics
ShriekbackOnly Thing That Shines1985Music/Lyrics
ShriekbackThis Big Hush1985Music/Lyrics
Stephan EicherBon pour moi1989Producer
Stephan EicherGuggisberglied1989Producer
Stephan EicherI Am A Story Backwards Told1989Producer
Stephan EicherLife Is Bitter1989Producer
Stephan EicherMe taire1989Producer
Stephan EicherMy Heart On Your Back1989Producer
Stephan EicherMy Place1989Producer
Stephan EicherRien à voir1989Producer
Stephan EicherRight Now1989Producer
Stephan EicherSois patiente avec moi1989Producer
Stephan EicherThis City1989Producer
Stephan EicherTo Get You There1989Producer
Strange ArrangementInto The Light1984Producer
Strange ArrangementShoot 'Em Down1984Producer
The AssociatesDon't Give Me That I Told You So Look1984Producer
The AssociatesHelicopter Helicopter1984Producer
The AssociatesSchampout1984Producer
The AssociatesThe Best Of You1984Producer
The ChameleonsCaution1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsChildhood1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsI'll Remember1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsIn Answer1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsMad Jack1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsSeriocity1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsSoul In Isolation1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsSwamp Thing1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsTears1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The ChameleonsTime / The End Of Time1986Producer
(David M. Allen)
The CrockettsExplain1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The Cure2 Late1989Producer
The CureA Chain Of Flowers1987Producer
The CureA Few Hours After This...1985Producer
The CureA Foolish Arrangement1992Producer
The CureA Japanese Dream1987Producer
The CureA Letter To Elise1992Producer
The CureA Man Inside My Mouth1985Producer
The CureA Night Like This1985Producer
The CureA Thousand Hours1987Producer
The CureAll I Want1987Producer
The CureApart1992Producer
The CureBabble1989Producer
The CureBananafishbones1984Producer
The CureBird Mad Girl1984Producer
The CureBoys Don't Cry1979Producer
The CureBreathe1987Producer
The CureCatch1987Producer
The CureClose To Me1985Producer
The CureClose To Me Remix1990Producer
The CureClosedown1989Producer
The CureCut1992Producer
The CureDisintegration1989Producer
The CureDo The Hansa1986Producer
The CureDoing The Unstuck1992Producer
The CureDressing Up1984Producer
The CureEnd1992Producer
The CureFascination Street1989Producer
The CureFear Of Ghosts1989Producer
The CureFight1987Producer
The CureFriday I'm In Love1992Producer
The CureFrom The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea1992Producer
The CureGive Me It1984Producer
The CureHalo1992Producer
The CureHappy The Man1984Producer
The CureHey You!!!1987Producer
The CureHigh1992Producer
The CureHomesick1989Producer
The CureHot Hot Hot!!!1987Producer
The CureHow Beautiful You Are1987Producer
The CureIcing Sugar1987Producer
The CureIf Only Tonight We Could Sleep1987Producer
The CureIn Between Days1985Producer
The CureJust Like Heaven1987Producer
The CureKyoto Song1985Producer
The CureLast Dance1989Producer
The CureLike Cockatoos1987Producer
The CureLovesong1989Producer
The CureLullaby1989Producer
The CureNew Day1985Producer
The CureOne More Time1987Producer
The CureOpen1992Producer
The CureOut Of Mind1989Producer
The CurePictures Of You1989Producer
The CurePiggy In The Mirror1984Producer
The CurePillbox Tales1986Producer
The CurePlainsong1989Producer
The CurePlay1992Producer
The CurePrayers For Rain1989Producer
The CurePush1985Producer
The CureScared As You1992Producer
The CureScrew1985Producer
The CureShake Dog Shake1984Producer
The CureShiver And Shake1987Producer
The CureSinking1985Producer
The CureSix Different Ways1985Producer
The CureSnow In Summer1987Producer
The CureStop Dead1985Producer
The CureSugar Girl1987Producer
The CureThe Baby Screams1985Producer
The CureThe Big Hand1992Producer
The CureThe Blood1985Producer
The CureThe Caterpillar1984Producer
The CureThe Empty World1984Producer
The CureThe Exploding Boy1985Producer
The CureThe Kiss1987Producer
The CureThe Perfect Girl1987Producer
The CureThe Same Deep Water As You1989Producer
The CureThe Snakepit1987Producer
The CureThe Top1984Producer
The CureThis Twilight Garden1992Producer
The CureThrow Your Foot1984Producer
The CureTo The Sky1989Producer
The CureTo Wish Impossible Things1992Producer
The CureTorture1987Producer
The CureTrust1992Producer
The CureUntitled1989Producer
The CureWailing Wall1984Producer
The CureWendy Time1992Producer
The CureWhy Can't I Be You?1987Producer
The NewbeatsTough Little Buggy1964Music/Lyrics
The Sisters Of MercyA Rock And A Hard Place1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyAmphetamine Logic2012Producer
The Sisters Of MercyBlack Planet1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyBlood Money1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyBury Me Deep1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyFirst And Last And Always1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyLogic1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyLong Train (1984)1984Producer
The Sisters Of MercyMarian1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyNine While Nine1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyNo Time To Cry1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyOn The Wire1984Producer
The Sisters Of MercyPoison Door1984Producer
The Sisters Of MercyPossession1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercySome Kind Of Stranger1985Producer
The Sisters Of MercyWalk Away1984Producer
The StranglersCoup De Grace (S-O-S)1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The StranglersGod Is Good1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The StranglersIn The End1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The StranglersJump Over My Shadow1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The StranglersKnown Only Unto God1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The StranglersNo Reason1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The StranglersThe Light1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The StranglersTonight1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
The StranglersYou Don't Think That What You've Done Is Wrong1998Producer
(David M. Allen)
First And Last And Always (The Sisters Of Mercy)105.3
Sinking (The Cure)105.3
One More Time (The Cure)115.27
Marian (The Sisters Of Mercy)325.19
Damascus (Burn In The Shadows) (Richard Strange & The Engine Room)95.11
Trust (The Cure)295.1
Disintegration (The Cure)325
Apart (The Cure)185
All I Want (The Cure)105
Fight (The Cure)95
Halo (The Cure)65
Bon pour moi (Stephan Eicher)55
This Big Hush (Shriekback)55
Lullaby (The Cure)1834.98
Just Like Heaven (The Cure)1074.96
Untitled (The Cure)194.95
In Between Days (The Cure)814.93
End (The Cure)124.92
Push (The Cure)114.91
Close To Me (The Cure)1144.86
Friday I'm In Love (The Cure)1874.81
Lullaby (The Cure)1834.98
Close To Me (The Cure)1144.86
Just Like Heaven (The Cure)1074.96
Lovesong (The Cure)934.77
Boys Don't Cry (The Cure)934.76
Why Can't I Be You? (The Cure)884.42
In Between Days (The Cure)814.93
Pictures Of You (The Cure)774.66
High (The Cure)754.09
Shouldn't Have To Be Like That (Fra Lippo Lippi)474.85
Fascination Street (The Cure)464.63
Guggisberglied (Stephan Eicher)424.24
Meravigliosa creatura (Gianna Nannini)404.18
Catch (The Cure)404.12
Hot Hot Hot!!! (The Cure)384.29
The Caterpillar (The Cure)364.5
Io senza te (Gianna Nannini)353.63
Marian (The Sisters Of Mercy)325.19
Disintegration (The Cure)325

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