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Joe Bonamassa Different Shades Of Blue 2014 02/10/2014 63 2
Mike Oldfield Light + Shade 2005 20/10/2005 45 3
Shade Clownstrofobia   21/01/2016 7 4
Shade Truman 2018 22/11/2018 9 4
Staind 14 Shades Of Grey 2003 22/05/2003 27 7
A Lighter Shade Of Brown Brown & Proud        
A Red Season Shade The Outcome Forsters Detachment        
Alex Milella Light Shades 2004      
Altered Shade The Path Of Souls 2017      
Andrew Hill Shades 2006      
Anita Meyer Shades Of Desire 1981      
Anthony Geraci And The Boston Blues All-Stars Fifty Shades Of Blue 2015      
Big Balls Creepy Shades 1982      
Binoculers Adapted To Both Shade And Sun 2015      
Blockflöte des Todes Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey 2015      
Blue Mitchell Many Shades Of Blue        
Blues Karloff Light And Shade 2016      
Bluesaholics Amazing Shades 2016      
Bob Carlisle Butterfly Kisses (Shades Of Grace) 1997      
Booka Shade Babylon 2017      
Booka Shade Eve 2013      
Booka Shade Galvany Street 2017      
Booka Shade Lonliest Boy - Just Like Tonight 2017      
Booka Shade More! 2010      
Booka Shade Movements        
Booka Shade Movements 10 2016      
Booka Shade Numb The Pain 2017      
Booka Shade The Sun & The Neon Light        
Cemetary An Evil Shade Of Grey 1992      
Charles Mingus Three Or Four Shades Of Blues 2013      
Chris Norman Different Shades 1987      
Claw Boys Claw Shocking Shades Of Claw Boys Claw        
Cobra Starship Night Shades 2011      
Corroded Eleven Shades Of Black 2009      
Danja Atari Shades Of July 2011      
Danny Cohen Shades Of Dorian Gray 2007      
Dashboard Confessional The Shade Of Poison Trees 2007      
Deep Purple Shades Of Deep Purple 1968      
Dinah Shore Shades Of Blue 2014      
Doro A Whiter Shade Of Pale 1995      
Doyle Bramhall II Shades 2018      
Drew Vision Shades Of Summer (EP)        
Ducktails Acres Of Shade [EP]        
Eastern Lane Shades Of Black 2003      
Edie Shades        
Elffor Son Of The Shades 2008      
Erik Segerstedt A Different Shade 2007      
Evoken Shades Of Night Descending 2009      
Farraday Shade Of Love 2013      
Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade Of Gray 1997      
Fol Chen Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made 2009      
Forty Shades Camera Silens 2015      
Fra Lippo Lippi Light And Shade        
Freddie Redd Quintet Shades Of Redd 2017      
Goats Tricks Of The Shades 1992      
Grant Green Shades Of Green        
Grateful Dead 50 Shades Of Black & White With A Touch Of Grey - Volume Two 2017      
Gray Bartlett Shades        
Gray Bartlett Two Shades Of Gray        
Hanna Pakarinen Love In A Million Shades        
Harold Land A New Shade Of Blue 2017      
Henry Mancini A Warm Shade Of Ivory        
Holly Cole Shade 2003      
Hörbuch / Merete Brettschneider E.L. James: Fifty Shades Of Grey 2017      
Ian Hunter Behind The Shades 2008      
Ian Hunter Shades Of Ian Hunter (The Ballad Of Ian Hunter & Mott The Hoople) 1979      
J Mascis Several Shades Of Why 2011      
J. Mascis Several Shades Of Why 2011      
J.J. Cale Shades 1980      
James Williamson And The Pink Hearts Behind The Shade 2018      
Jesse Johnson Every Shade Of Love 1988      
Jonny Diaz Shades Of White        
José González Stay In The Shade [EP]        
Junior Brown 12 Shades Of Brown        
JW Roy Deeper Shades        
Kandlbauer The Shades Of Light 2008      
Katherine Roberts Perl Wandering Shades 2015      
Keith Jarrett Shades 1976      
Kismet Shades Of Clarity 2014      
KISS Hot In The Shade 1989      
Kovacs Shades Of Black 2015      
Kraan Dancing In The Shade 1989      
Krossfire Shades Of Darkness 2016      
Lana Cantrell Another Shade Of Lana 1967      
Lanie Lane Night Shade        
Layla Zoe Shades Of Blue 2006      
Les Dudek Deeper Shades Of Blues 1994      
Les Shades 5/5 2010      
Les Shades Le meurtre de Vénus        
Lighter Shade Of Brown Layin' In        
Little Anthony & The Imperials Shades Of The 40's 1960      
Living Colour Shade 2017      
Lost Shade Rückkehr nach Asgard 2010      
Lou Rawls Shades Of Blue 1980      
M2M Shades Of Purple 2000      
M83 Digital Shades Vol. 1 2015      
Madlib Shades Of Blue 2014      
Marc Romboy Shades 2014      
Micachu & The Shades Chopped & Screwed 2011      
Mind Odyssey Nailed To The Shade 2009      
Munich Machine A Whiter Shade Of Pale 1978      
Muro A Deeper Shade Of Brown 2016      
Murray Head Shade 1982      
Navarone A Darker Shade Of White 2013      
No More Lies In The Shade Of Expectation 2014      

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