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Forum - General - locking for an italian song

In July I spend my vacation in Tuscany and I heard a nice song in the radio (RTL102.5), but I just remember one word ".... bastardo ... ". It was a male singer. Try to figure out the song title, but I can't make it.

Anybody know the artists/name of the song??

bastardo sound like bugiardo FabriFibra
No, it wasn't bugiardo from FabriFibra
It wasn't a rap song.
The word "bastardo" was used in a vary dominat way in the song I'm looking for.

Maybe the song you're looking for is "DICONO DI ME" by CESARE CREMONINI:

"Dicono di me,
che sono un BASTARDO, bugiardo e lo fanno senza un perchè..."
Can any one tell me the artist/title for the song currently on the radio where the chorus goes "laya laya lay, wo oh..laya laya lay, wo oh." and then.. "take me to the disco, party all night"? Sorry for the very poor information - my 2 year old daughter hasn't stopped singing it since we got back from Lunigiana and I want to get it for her birthday party!!

I was on vacation recently in Tuscany last week and heard a song on Radio Deejay which had a beat of a tango. Can anyone tell me the name of the Artist and song is please?


Ade the song is "FUNKY BAHIA" and the singer is Sergio Mendes...
Hi Garfield,

I'm afraid that wasn't the one the one i'm trying to find has little sining in it and almost like a Argentinean tango sound to it and heavier beat.

I'm very greatful for the help

Any more ideas


Maybe something by Gotan Project.
Try these: "Vuelvo Al Sur", "Santa María (Del Buen Ayre)", "Queremos Paz", "Last Tango In Paris", "La Cruz Del Sur", "Diferente".

please can you tell me the very big italian hits 2008 i am searching one song that a man sings it and this song must be a hit alla round the word by now .....thats all i can say if that is a help...or tell me where to search to find 2008 hits
Help! I would like to download some italian songs. But can´t find some good music load homepages.
I also heard a song in Italy, it was a rap song and it had "Johnny cash with the cash" in it. any help?
Try "My medicine" by Snoop Dogg from his latest CD Ego trippin, or "Folsom Prison blues" by Everlast from his latest CD Love, war and the ghost of Whitey Ford.
If these 2 don't work, maybe it could be something from the forthcoming 'Johnny Cash remixed' an album of remixes/reworkings procduced by Snoop Dogg and others.
Jay, if the song you're looking for is in Italian it should be "Non Confondermi" by rapper Marracash!
Hi. I spent last summer in Italy and heard a song constantly for months, but I don't know what it was called. The video featured old men singing on a roof top, possibly in Naples. The song was in Italian with some parts then repeated in English. There was also an advert, possibly for i-wind, which featured a song with "bla bla bla bla bla..." in it lol. I would be so grateful for any help. Grazie mille
Sophie, the video you refer to possibly is for the song "Anema e core" by Pino Daniele (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0NlXMWEDnw)

The advert you ask for I think it was not for Wind, but for Vodafone (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac_Q-wBKXa4). The song featured in it is an adaptation to the "bla bla bla.." theme of an Italian song from the sixties called "Abbronzatissima" by Edoardo Vianello.
Hi Giacomo! Thank you so much for the links and info. It was so good to hear them again! They've made me nostalgic for the summer and Italy lol. Your previous posts have also got my friends and I onto the Gotan Project Best wishes.
just got back from italy and heard a popular pop style song on the radio several times. it seemed classical and pop at first then it goes into a hiphop/rap style, then back to singing.

i dont know italian and im trying to identify this song. any ideas??
Vivi per un miracolo
hey so i heard the vodafone advert with the ballons saying bla bla bla bla nd i dnt know the orignial song i was woundering if anyone could help tnxxx
The song is "50 Special" by LunaPop, a song from 1999
i heard one italian song... it sounds like it is from some cartoon, and i dont know name of that song..., or something like that...
the song is very cute.. i think
please, does anybody knows which song i am talking about
Maybe "Sincerità" by Arisa. She looks like a cartoon..
Ive just come back from italy and i heard alot of a song sung by a woman and a few words i can remember is non ce niente niente niente??? She had a bit of a hoarse, husky voice...can anyone tel me the artist name? xx
Jo, I think your song is surely going to be "Briciole" by Noemi.
yes, that is it...thanks very much....dont suppose yiu happen to know the name of her album that this track is on?
hi! I`ve just back from Sardinia and I saw the beautiful video clip on tv.the clip was about photo reporter which saw beautiful blonde girl and took a lot of photos of her.when he came back home he found her sitting on his chair.maybe you can tell me the singer and name of the song.
Jo, the album on which "Briciole" is on, is called "Noemi" (like the singer). It's a mini-album released late last spring in the wake of her participation to the 2nd season of the Italian edition of X Factor. She was eliminated in the semi-final, but dare I say, she is the most successful contestant of this year edition.
Next October will be released her full new album.
Here is the video on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtPajz3BWSk

Inga, I think you are looking for "Dentro ad ogni brivido" by Marco Carta. Here is the video on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXZitdRFGlA
hmm.... it's not ''Singerita''
the song i am looking for is some kind of rap song, i think, and the voice is like cartoon =)
i just know that chorus starts with ''io''
Well, Martina maybe you are loooking for "Deca dance" by J-Ax.
This is the video on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDYSJsRXxnY
hii! i'm probably looking for a classic italian song sung by a woman. it is a very light hearted song, it has an easiness about it.. could imagine it to be
from toscana or the islands.. could be from ocean's 13..
i don't remember the words! but something like
nanaanaana... paroooleee, nanaaaana.. nanaa..
aaah, it's killing me..
her voice reminds me of a bossa nova singer..

try "Parole parole" by Mina
haha! it's a fun song, but it's not mine, the one I look for is newer.
nevermind. I'll never find it!
grazie mile
I heard a song on the radio a bunch of times while in tuscany, it's a man singing, very beautiful, and the chorus is oh oh oh oh oh, i thought that the dj said that it was also the title, but now I can't find it! (It's definitely not volare, by the way, though that keeps coming up when I search.) Any ideas? Thanks!!
Probably you've heard "Indietro" by Tiziano Ferro. Here it on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2m3S4nJYB4

There's even an international version in a duet with Kelly Rowland called "Breathe gentle": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17o7XbTOxaE
heyy i was just in sicily last week and i heard this song in one of the bars i dont know what its called but it starts with a guy singing "ba ra ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba" a couple times.. does anyone know what it is?
I lived in Pavia 2004-2005, and I remember a song played at discotechs that everyone jumped and down to. I love the song, but I have NO idea what the name of it is! Any help would be great!
Sorry Giancs, I don't know what song you are talkin' about..

Toni, I either don't know what song you are looking for.
Anyway the following links are to various volumes of an Italian compilation series called "Hot party", similar to the "Now that's what I call music" series. Generally every volume it's a 2 disc set filled of current hits, with 1st disc devoted to pop hits, and 2nd disc to dance hits.

These were released between summer 2004 and summer 2005
By scrolling down the page that'll appear you'll find the tracklist, and by clicking on the blue volume icon within each title you'll be able to listen to a snippet of the song. (Windows Media Player plugin required)


forse Giancs sta cercando "Il senso di ogni cosa" di Fabrizio Moro
Hi, I've been hearing a song on the radio here in Naples, Italy where I am living and I can't seem to find the name of it. Still learning Italian, but I remember purdio non non... seems that is the chorus line. It's very popular on the radio here.

la sett scorsa in toscana, in un disco bar di firenze, ho visto un video di una canzone dance -un ragazzo dai lineamenti latini si alza la mattina in compagia di una bionda, che probabilmente è il fantasma della ex, presumo, e lo segue durante la giornata- se avete qualche idea sul titolo della canzone -nn appariva nel video- ripeteva spesso "some way" Giacomo/Francesco qualche idea? grazie
*i heard that italian song..I dont know name of that song..., or something like that...but the song is very cute.. i think
please, does anybody knows which song i am talking about?The tune is like in a carton sound tract.

Hi all,

I was on Holiday in Italy in March/ April 2009 and kept hearing this song on the TV music channel. It was sung by 2 brothers and a band and I'm pretty sure one of them was Max. It was an alternative song and one of the guys singing was bald and the other had spikey hair.

It was on most days along with The Killers "Spaceman" and Empire of the Sun "Walking on a Dream".

Anyone got any ideas?
Maybe you're looking for "Gioia infinita" or "Radio conga" by Negrita, even if there aren't brothers in that group. The singer is bald.

Gioia infinita

Radio conga

Che rumore fa la felicità
Thanks Giacomo, but it's not the group I was looking for. I guess I should have paid more attention to it.

This is a long shot, but I was in Italy in 2004 and remember this cool Italian music video that was a cartoon and it had these weird looking creature things. I can't even remember how the song goes at all any more. It was kind of dark a bit disturbing, but the song was great! Any help would be greatly appreciated
Maybe the group Articolo 31 with a song called "L'Italiano Medio"
Hello I was in italy in august and they kept playing a video that featured a few cowboys/cowgirls. I don't know the name of the group or the video. please help.
I guess it was "Not fair" by Lily Allen.
Hello everyone, I listened to a song on the radio and they said that it is from the soundtrack of the movie "Gomorra", without mentioning the artist or the title. There is one or probably two women, one of them is rather talking than singing and the song has a "latin" feeling. I catched some words like "abbandonata", "innamorata", "sentimento", "cigareto"... I can't find it in Gomorra OST. I would be grateful if you helped me! Thank u!
Maybe you are looking for "Ragione e sentimento" by Maria Nazionale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGPOXPFCCgs
She portrays the character of 'Maria' in the movie, and that's why some of her songs are on the soundtrack CD ( http://www.fandangostore.it/musica/394/scheda_prodotto.aspx ) even if they can't seem to be heard during the movie and they don't appear in closing credits.
Dear Giacomo,
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is the song!
Thank you very much, happy new year and greetings from Greece! :-)
Thank you and happy new year to you too!
Hello all, I was in Italy around agust 2009 and I kept watching this song on the tv. It had a group of four guys singing and it showed the main singer traveling around and eventually crashing an airplane trying to reach a female I believe. I think some of the words of the chorus were like "ah amore" or close to that but I do not remember the title of the song. any help would be appreciate.
I just arrived in Florence after spending two weeks in Rome and everytime I go out I hear this great song that everyone knows. The only part I know goes something like "ba ra ba ba ra ra ra" or something similar. Any help would be great, I assume it's a popular song.
I was in italy this summer and I heard many songs that I liked on the MTV hitlist but I dont remember a lot of them... do any of you have a list of all the popular italia MTV songs from this summer?

Here are some Italian songs that were popular on MTV last summer (most of them were on an MTV sponsored compilation):

Eros Ramazzotti - Parla con me
Artisti Uniti Per l'Abruzzo - Domani 21/4.09
Tiziano Ferro - Indietro
Malika Ayane - Come foglie
Marco Carta - Dentro ad ogni brivido
Zero Assoluto - Per dimenticare
Noemi - Briciole
J. Ax - Deca dance
Negrita - Gioia infinita
Giusy Ferreri - La scala (The ladder)
Lost & Joel Madden - Sulla mia pelle
Gemelli Diversi - Nessuno è perfetto
Dolcenera - La più bella canzone d’amore che c'è
Finley - La mia notte
Neffa - Lontano dal tuo sole
Airys - Vedo in te
dARI - Cercasi AAAmore
Fabrizio Moro - Il senso di ogni cosa
Laura Pausini - Un fatto ovvio

The international ones:
Lady Gaga - Poker face
Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
Lily Allen - Not fair
Gary Go - Wonderful
Bob Sinclar - Lala song
Milow - Ayo technology
Shaggy featuring Gary Nesta Pine - Fly high
David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland - When love takes over
Nelly Furtado - Manos al aire
Beyoncé - Halo
Beyoncé - Sweet dreams
Shakira - She wolf
Gossip - Heavy cross
Pixie Lott - Mama do
Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling
Black Eyed Peas - Boom boom pow
Pitbull - You know you want me (Calle ocho)
Pussycat Dolls & A.R. Rahman - Jai ho (You are my destiny)
Mariah Carey - Obsessed
Agnes - Release me
Flo Rida featuring Ke$ha - Right round
Alesha Dixon - The boy does nothing
Empire Of The Sun - We are the people
Placebo – For what it's worth
Melanie Fiona – Give it to me right
U2 - Magnificent
Paolo Nutini - Candy
Green Day - 21 guns
Eminem - We made you
Madonna - Celebration
Mika - We are golden
White Lies - To lose my life
@Mike maybe it's "Ma il cielo è sempre più blu" by Giusy Ferreri
Hi, there,

I was in Sicily in Nov,2009 and i heard some popular Italian songs which were repeatedly played by the local radio whenever i was on AST/ETNA buses. Would anyone kindly share with me the most played songs between Nov/Dec 2009? I notice one of the songs was sung by a male singer who has a low,textured and mellow voice (similar to Zucchero).The song itself has a slow rhythm. Another clue is that during my stay, those popular Italian songs were often played along with "Paparazzi",Robbie william's new release-"Bodies", Neffa's "Lontano dal tuo sole" ,etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Hey there, I was in Italy in 2004, July. There was one music video that was played a lot but, sadly, I cannot find it! It was not English, however I am not sure if it was French or if it was Italian.

I remember that the music video involved the band playing on a stage while the time period and setting of the music video changed. At one point they were marching in army uniforms in what looked like World War 2, at another time they were dressed as punk rockers.

At the end of the video, a girl "stops" the music video with a furturistic-like device, and the words "o-o-o-okay" are heard. I'm sorry this description is so vague, perhaps you can help me?
Andy the song you're looking for is "Senza Dubbio" by Articolo 31

It was the third single released from their 2003 album "Italiano Medio"(which is their last studio album to date, since the duo have solo careers now).
Becky, here are some Italian songs that were popular during November/December

Vasco Rossi - Ad ogni costo
Vasco Rossi - Sto pensando a te
Gianna Nannini & Giorgia - Salvami
Mario Biondi - Be lonely (Italian singer singing in English)
Laura Pausini - Con la musica alla radio
Laura Pausini - Non sono lei
Giusy Ferreri - Ma il cielo è sempre più blu
Elisa & Giuliano Sangiorgi - Ti vorrei sollevare
Tiziano Ferro - Il sole esiste per tutti
Tiziano Ferro - Scivoli di nuovo
Noemi & Fiorella Mannoia - L'amore si odia
Marco Carta - Resto dell'idea
Marco (Mengoni) - Dove si vola
Giuliano (Rassu) - Ruvido
Alessandra Amoroso - Estranei a partire da ieri
Alessandra Amoroso - Senza nuvole
Neffa - Nessuno
Eros Ramazzotti - Controvento
Fiorella Mannoia - Ho imparato a sognare
Claudio Baglioni - Niente di più
Raf - Per tutto il tempo
Giuliano Palma and The Bluebeaters - Per una lira
Mina & Afterhours - Adesso è facile
Elio E Le Storie Tese - Storia di un bellimbusto
I was in Rome for summer 2009 and I heard a song playing on the radio in a store. It sounded like an upbeat pop song by a girl band. I asked the cashier who sang the song and she said Dolcenera. I have tried to find it since I've been back home but none of the Dolcenera songs I find are like the one I heard in the store. Does anyone know the song? Or perhaps the cashier was wrong and Dolcenera is not really the singer, so does anyone remember any pop song playing in Rome from summer 2009? Please let me know!!!!!!! Thanks!
i am also in Florence and i keep hearing this "ba ra ba ba ra ra ra" song at the clubs. it sounds something like the Baha men. it's very upbeat and fast tempo. they aren't speaking english and it basically just keeps repeating "ba ra ba ba ba chi boom." please if anyone knows this song- it's driving me nuts that i can't find it!!
@ Mike.. is this the song you're looking for? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZthNYozVwNM
Bella, maybe the song from Dolcenera you are looking for is "Il mio amore unico"
Giacomo, grazie! I found the song from your list, it's Neffa's Nessuno! Grazie!!
Gabrielle did you ever figure out the of the song you were talkng about that sounds like the baha men? I'm searching everywhere and can't figure it out!
Is it possible to get a fresher Italian charts because last released seems to be from March 4th ?!
Hi there!

I've been to Italy this winter, in February for a week, and I kept on listening to a (to my mind) new song, sang by a man and a woman, but I just cannot find it anywhere. I dunno wheter the singers are Italians, or not, I can only remember the beginning of the song, which goes: "I met a girl at the bar..." and then they keep singing "I love you".
Can you help me in finding this song? oR could anyone tell me the name of the song?
The song is "3 words" by Cheryl Cole feat Will.I.Am
Thx soo much!

I was in Italy last summer.. July 2009. I'm looking for an Italian song. It was very popular song. It came from Italian MTV all the time when I was in my holiday.

I only remember that in the video there's 4 guys maybe, and it starts like a horrow movie.. And in the name of the band.. well the end is & perfecto or something like that..

thanks a lot..

I think the song you are looking for is "Nessuno è perfetto" by Gemelli Diversi
Ho osservato che in questo sito è presente una classifica (top 20) parzialmente identica a quella pubblicata dalla FIMI http://www.top40-charts.com/chart.php?cid=18&date=2010-01-10 è attendibile?
I am trying to find out the name of a song that was popular during the spring of 2009 in Italy. The song sounded kind of sad but had a nice rythm. In the video it showed old family pictures of the Artist. It would show one family picture than zoom in and than go to another picture while displaying cool disigns.
Hunter, I think you are looking for "Figlio di un re" by Cesare Cremonini.
You can see the videoclip here:
Thank you thank you that is it! takes me back to my times spent in Alassio
My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and I am looking for songs from the early 1960's... preferably love songs
OR any love song that reflects a life of love???
I want the songs in italian, since i already have some english songs i will be using as well
Thank you
60's Italian love songs?
Basically I can think of vitually everything by Mina or Lucio Battisti.
Try these by Mina:
• L'importante è finire
• Non gioco più
• Amor mio
• Io e te da soli
• Insieme
• Parole parole
• Bugiardo e incosciente

Lucio Battisti:
• Io vivrò (Senza te)
• Un'avventura
• Acqua azzurra, acqua chiara
• Mi ritorni in mente
• Fiori rosa, fiori di pesco
• Emozioni
• Pensieri e parole
• …e penso a te

or maybe these by Gino Paoli
• Il cielo in una stanza
• Senza fine
• Sapore di sale
• Che cosa c'è

I'm desperately looking for one italian song which was playing in the top music italian charts in around 1996-1998. Forgive me but I don't know italian language so I will write a text which I dont understand and I dont know how to spell it.

in choirs: "Soronte recus portos, sancera recus partas, pararo muerte mas, pararo muerte maaas".

I know... but maybe you can help me.
thank you in advance
Hi, Im looking for the name of the song thats popular in Italy right now and played at a lot of the clubs. It kinda sounds like an accordion techno version of lady gaga's poker face. and i just know a girl sings in a part of it but its must music.
The only song I can recall from the lyrics you posted is "Para no verte mas" by La Mosca Tsé Tsé, an Argentinian group.
The song was a hit in Italy in the summer of 2000.

Try it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MULjbUhIz4
@Ally: "Stereo Love" by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina, maybe?

Hi, I was just on holiday in Italy in May and all the time on the radio was a really happy frantic upbeat song with two guys singing. All the words rhymed and it was something like "Amore ore, signori ori.." over and over again Does anyone know it?
The song is "Faccia Come il Cuore" by Duo di Picche
Hi, two weeks ago i was on holiday in italy (ischia). all the time on the radio they played one song, a guy is singing it. i'm so sorry, i can't remember any words, only that one evening i heard that there was a life performance near our hotel and they sang this song! unfortunately i couldn't get there... can anybody help me?? i spent the last two weeks searching the internet for it, but no change... thank you!!
I have just returned from Italy where I heard the Italian version of Mary j Blige 'Each Tear' It features Tiziano ferro. is there anyway I can download this version? Itunes don't have it.
The version with Tiziano Ferro it's only for Italy...
Ok I have managed to download it from uk.
This summer, I have been on vacation in Italy.. and there was one Italian song that I heard several times on the radio that I would really like to hear again. It was a guy singing, and the style was guitar/pop-rock .. not unlike Eros Ramazotti, I guess. The verse included a repetition of the words "mai mai" or "vai vai" before the more up-tempo chorus..
I know it's a very vague description, but I would really appreciate any help!
@Danish Guy: probably the song you are looking for is "Se Fosse Per Sempre" by Biagio Antonacci
You are absolutely right, Giacomo! Thank you SO much
Just got back from italy and kept hearing a catchy italian rap/pop song. The only word I got sounded like 'Nooi'????????

Any help on identifying this much appreciated.
Italian rap/pop song that's a hit right now?
I can only think of "Faccia come il cuore" by Due Di Picche.
Thanks so much for replying but unfortunately that is not it, so the search continues! Noo-i ......?
Last summer I heard a beautiful Italian song, sang by a woman, saw the video later - but never the name: desperate to find it.
It a slow, heart-breaking song , a dark haired woman in a very dark (black and blue) video, she's under water and breaks through. Or something like that!
If it rings a bell - i'd really appreciate your help!!!
Thank you in advance!
Apart the under water thing (or is it just for describing the song mood?) it could be "Come Foglie" by Malika Ayane, quite simply a beautiful song!
Hope this is the one you are looking for..
I am in Italy and im trying to find the song that goes Ba ra ra ba ba ba ba. I am desperate to add it to my iPod. It has been popoular around Europe in 2010. Please, anybody body out there know it?
Hey to those people not knowing the "Ba ra ra ba ba ba ba" song. I have just come of a massive search, and not neede to be driven crazy anymore. I found it. Thats right, it has been found.

Cidinho & Doca - Rap Das Armas

I was in italy in April 2009. I ma interested in finding a song it was played on MTV... it was about a society where you were not allowed to kiss or show emotion then a couple was caught and tortured.....................

any help would be grateful thanks
Hey guys, I was in Italy in August 2010 and I'm trying to find a song which was on radio and I think it is also on a various artists disc which includes Biagio Antonacci - Se Fosse Per Sempre.
Only thing I can remember from the chorus is a male says: __ domanii __ domanii
Anyone has a clue? Thanks.
Hi, I'm looking for an Italian song that was playing on MTV Italia during the summer of 2004. I can't remember the name of the artist but in the video the singer was playing his guitar beneath a blossomed tree while observing couples in a park and towards the end of the video jumps up and runs across the grass. I also think there's a part where a girl rides her bike past him. The artist's hair is dark and slightly curly. It played around the same time Jojo's "leave (get out)", James Morrison's "You Give Me Something" and Kelis' "Trick Me" was also playing on TV.

@karmida: maybe try this, Laura Pausini "Un fatto ovvio"

@Kingstone: I don't know. I can only recall a song that was from summer 2009: "Domani 21/04.2009" a charity song by a multi-artists ensemble named Artisti Uniti per l'Abruzzo.

@Roho: I think you are looking for "Misread" by Kings Of Convenience. Actually they're not Italian, they're from Norway.
OMG it's the song! Thank you Giacomo SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Ciao.
Hii... i'm looking for a song with word "alimento" or "alimenti" it was playing this summer in Camping Riccione... Help me please, if you can :**

i spend last week in rome with school and we heard an italian music programme in tv. there was a song singing by a lot of (italian) singer and i think it was for a social project.. the title wasn't so short and i only remember the words "domenica" and "giá" ...
i just searched in the italian charts, but the most are some month old so i can't find the song..
does aybody can help me, please? i twould be really nice
Hey from Greece - Corfu
Please, please help me..
About 10 years ago i heard the most beautiful italian song which had those lyrics..
" E una canzone italiana
Ricordo di un amore lontano..
E nostalgia, voglia di andare via.."

It was a slow love song and am searching like crazy to find it...
I was in Rome this summer and heard a song in a shop,sung by a guy, an upbeat song. Unfortunately, i didn't ask a cashier what it was called. I'm pretty sure there were words "quiero quiero quiero" in it and something like "paseo" in that same phrase. I tried searching for these lyrics, but can't find that song. Somebody please please please help!
@Jiannis: sincerily I didn't know the song you are looking for. Anyway after a quick Google search, I found this "Canzone Italiana" by Angelo Fabiani. Here are the lyrics: http://it.lyrsense.com/angelo_fabiani/canzone_italiana
and this a YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjkWqs_jFvk

@autumn: I don't know what you are looking for. Maybe someone will be more helpful.
Hi, I was in Italy this past October, mid to late October and early November, and I kept hearing a slow, soft-rock Italian song on our Skytv guide channel and also on the radio. I am going crazy trying to find it! All I can remember is that it has a part where the man sings "la feliciiiitaaas aaaahh" and that's it. Anyone know what song I am referring to?
Hi, I studied in Italy in the late winter/ early spring of 2004. I have been trying to find a song that was played on MTV very very frequently. The music video was in Venice and it had gondolas that were flying/floating...they weren't in the water. Sounds crazy. Anyways, it was sung by a younger man I believe. I can't find it anywhere

Please help
Jamie, I think you are looking for this one: "Piccola stella senza cielo" by Ligabue
Giacomo, you're a doll! That is definitely it!! Thank you so much
Hey guys...
I am in love with this song and i cant find what it is...
All i got at the end was the singer was Amarissa (something) and she keeps singing in the song "sei"...i caught a part where she sings "tutto voglio"...I keep hearing it on the Greek radio and i just can't find the song on Youtube...
Help anyone??
Maybe this one: "Mi Sei Venuto A Cercare Tu" by Alessandra Amoroso
yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!!!

Thank you soooooo much
I am no really expecting anyone to know this song but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. I spent the summer in Europe and I heard a song the only thing I remember about it is that it was a man singing about a woman most likely a young man, and the first two words of the song were sempre perfecto. Thanks a bunch
Hi, I was in Italy the summer of 2009, and I kept hearing a soft-rock Italian song on o the radio. I have been despertaly trying to find it! All I can remember is that it kept saying something about mare ...does anyone know...I thing it was on the top 10
In 2000-2001 I watched MagicTV ( italian music channel). I remember a videoclip where singer (his age was about 50 and he was grey-haired) sang slow romantic song walking along seashore and remembered his love (young woman which apppears in the video). Video was black-and-white (monochrome).
Please, help me to find this video or even suggest the name of that singer

Maybe "L'amore si odia"
Hello! I was recently in Italy at the end of December, and kept hearing this song on the radio... Several people sang it when they heard it, so I assume it was popular. The song was by a man, and it was a slower song. Maybe soft rock/pop. I believe he said "voglio" quite often in the chorus. I know this is quite vague, but I figured I'd give it a shot! Thanks so much!
I've been looking for an international Italian song for quite some time now. It's sung by a female singer and there is a male choral on the background constantly singing the same thing. There are no instruments used in the song. It has been on the radio for quite some time, but that was a while ago.
Could anyone help me to find the song?
Thanks in advance
Hey! I keep hearing "Dove si Vola" at my gym here in Parma, but I'm convinced it is sung by a woman - not the Marco Mengoni version. Am I crazy?
Last year I went to Ostai Lido in Italy. I heard a song called ''Hello'' but can't remember the guys name
Try this: Cesare Cremonini - Hello!
In June-July 2003, there was a song that I heard playing everytime I was in a train station, going from city to city. Heard it everywhere we went in Italy.

It sounded like a duet - a guy and girl singing harmonies together. I can't really remember to much about it. I might be wrong but I think it had a lot of acoustic guitar....but don't hold me to that.

If you know popular duet songs during July 2003 that played in most of the stations please let me know
Hi everibody,
i'm looking for a song: I nuovi Angeli - Non piange Ringo Starr.
Can anybody help please?
Hey! I'm looking for a song but I haven't got that much connections musicwise or lyricswise.

It was a bit of a jazzy song - very relaxing and the clip exsisted of postcards which went back to the singers childhood..if i'm correct. The colours used in the clip are loads of green and brown. It is sung by a man. I thought first it was Cesare, but can't find anything...

It must have been last year 2010 or the year before 2009, i'm not sure, that I saw it. I looked it up on youtiube when i got home but didn't favorite the song.....

Please, if anyone could remember....

Was in Lake Garda this week and the guy at our hotel played a song and I thought he said the original group/singer was "Napoli"....the song had a 'cha cha cha' lyric in there - I heard it again on the radio whilst in Riva and wondered if anyone knows the song/singer??

Maybe this: "Figlio di un re" by Cesare Cremonini.
You can see the videoclip here:
or here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhpO29xXfUQ
@Mike Goodson
I don't know..
The only one I can recall has 'Napoli' in the title:
"Vieni a vivere a Napoli" by Le Strisce
..anyway I don't think it's what you were looking for...
Ciao sono Italiano, posso aiutarvi a navigare tra il mondo della musica Italiano!
I was in Cecina Mare this summer and the minidisco had some funny songs in Italian. I can't remember much (as my Italian is dreadful), but there were lyrics that sounded like 'dansa dansa........chiela chiela', a song with 'se stampa, se stampa, e vienta, la bansa' and a song with something that sounded like 'a nagady, a nagady, a nakata nakata no.........e vaila vanti'.
I know this isn't much, but can someone help me out? I'd love to let my friends hear those songs!
Hi everyone..
..I've just been in Sicily, and at the hotel there was as allways a animation team. And there was this one song that they played i promised my mom i would find for her, but it has been alot harder then i thought.
Maybe someone here can help??

The song seemed to be a popular song in Sicily.
Maybe even a kids song?? Its had a military sound to it, or the beat was military-ish. The song basically had a military vibe to it. Thats actually all i can say about the song..
Oh, and they go "..De de ra de de re de de ra ra ra..." in the song.. Hope someone knows the name of the song!
I am looking for an Italian song. I was in Italy last spring (may), in all of the Italy and on the radio in every hour they played the same song, and I try to find her, I thought it was Laura Pausini, but maybe it was someone with the same voice, I don't remember the words but it was strong!
Maybe it could possibly be something by Alessandra Amoroso or Emma Marrone.
Or maybe one of the following:
"Il sole di Domenica" by Dolcenera
"Vuoto a perdere" by Noemi
"Piccoli dettagli" by Giusy Ferreri
"Diamante lei e luce lui" by Annalisa
but tnx!
if they played it in every hour, in may, you can check in the top 10 of may and you should find the song.
Maybe "Il mio giorno migliore" by Giorgia
I took a trip to Italy in 2004. Ive been trying to track this song down but no luck. The artist was male and I remember in the music video (was popular, played like every hour) the guy had a giant ball, cant remember the lyrics... I think it was between Rap, Hip-Hop, or Pop... Any ideas, I know its vague...?
Could it be this?
"Fuori dal tunnel (Del divertimento)" by Caparezza
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Hello. Giacomo.thank you very much!! your chart list of popular songs of summer 2009 MTV helps me to find the song,i was looking for 2 years!! but dont you know the son of july 2009 , it was played by band of teenboys,it was dynamic. the group take part in summer festival in near milano maritima in my opinion.their song was often on mtv
maybe it's something by Finley...
Italian pop song by female duet. Very popular in Italy in the summer 1999 when I was there. I can't find in charts.
@Alina: as ask-that wrote you, it could possibly be something by Finley (pop-punk rock).
Here is a list of their singles: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discografia_dei_Finley#Singoli
You can easily check them out in You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/emimusicitaly#g/c/087F26EDC4A04ED8

Or it possibly could be a song by another group: dARI (more electro pop)
Here is a list of their singles: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dari_%28gruppo_musicale%29#Singoli
You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/emimusicitaly#g/c/AA160EBD32ADC3D0

@Spyridon: could it possibly summer 2000? In that summer there was a very, very popular song called "Vamos a bailar (Esta vida nueva)", by a female duet: sisters Paola & Chiara
or the English version
I know Paola & Chiara. But it isn't that song. I think the song I' m trying to find was signed by another female duet. It was played regularly in radio stations and in music festivals in 1999
Another female duet from 1999 I can recall was between Alice and Skye Edwards (from Morcheeba), "Open your eyes" partly in Italian and partly in English.
Names of Italian song and singer needed,Thanks in advance.

Please routing to youtube:

It's an old song (1960) sang by Domenico Modugno. This version is sang by Albano Carrisi.
The name is Piove (Ciao ciao bambina)
Many thanks to GG, italian song is my favority.
Was in Italy just last week (October 2011) and heard a song on the TV in a cafe that I liked. I couldn't really make out any of the lyrics, but the music video had a girl dancing who was dressed like Leeloo from the Fifth Element... you'd think that would be easy to look up online, but I've had no luck. Anyone have any idea?

Try with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldAZX9XIwGY&ob=av2e

hair's coulour is the same
@Aleja - thanks for trying, but that wasn't it. The vocalist was male, not female (forgot to mention that), and I'm pretty sure the female dancer was *actually* dressed as Leeloo from fifth element, complete with the crazy white tape outfix (or something similar, I was sitting at kind of a funny angle from the TV).
i'm trying to find a dance song by a female singer,the girl actually doesn't sing...she keeps talking during the song ‘‘fica fica en dati dentro’’ i don't know how old is this song,but i listened to it in 2005.
Hello, I was in Italy this past march/april (2011) and when we turned on MTV, this one song kept playing. It was an english song, that had a jazz band playing and a women singing it. I know the word "stuck" was used. It went something like "and now im stuck. stuck here". I'm sorry but I dont have anything else to add it. Help would be greatly appreciated.
maybe it's "Stuck" by Caro Emerald
in this page http://encapc.webhispana.net/index.php?page=canciones there is an interesting selection of italian songs and singers. The page is in spanish, but it let you know unforgettable songs that are not known abroad
Ciao, i hope that u can help me to find one song i have heard in roma nel 2007. I just remember that the singer repeated the words "ciao bella, ciao bella@ several times. It was a nice romantic and lyrical song. Do u know it? Grazie se potete mi aiutare di trovare
Hi there,

I have been looking for an Italian pop song for many years now - it must be from the 90s, sung by a woman, I thought it was Laura Pausini, but I doubt it now, because I just cant find that song.

It has a refrain, that sounds like something in English like "I love you babe, I love you babe..." The rest of the words is Italian..

Does anybody know or can anybody help?

Ciao, I am looking for a cheap pop/dance song that must have come out at the end of 1999 or beginning of 2000 and had the word "desiderio" in the lyrics. It was sung by a woman. It's still stuck in my ears and I would love to know what it was...

@huggy bear: maybe "questa nostra grande storia d'amore" by Matia Bazar?????????????????
Thanks Vinny, but unfortunately it wasn't Matia Bazar. The song was more up-tempo, more girl-band pop sound. I assume the band/singer was a one-hit wonder and only very briefly in the charts in 1999/2000, if at all...
Im in need of help im looking for a song from the music channel RTL 102.5 it was on during the summer of 2005 it was played when i was in Malta on the tv along with all the american releases at the time how ever this song was sung by a European lad or group of lads and in the music video i remember them being on the roof top of a building and it was a catchy summer tune, can anyone help? thanks
hello everybody ,i'm looking for a song,which i think,was released in 2009-2011(beginning) period,it,s a rock song which was kinda popular at that time.it's a rock song(probably hit of 70's or 80's ,but the song a bit changed(remixed).i think it has quite similar style as[ bingo players-cry(just a little)]. there's not much words in it,but i remember some: you know i feel i.. (these are main words) . it was sung by man with a strong rock musician's voice. can anybody help me? thank you
Hi. I heard this italian song. But in the chorus its in english and goes like 'its a long long day, its a long long time'
I cant get it out of my head. Anybody know the name of this song? Thanks
I was in italy summer of '09 and on RTL 102.5 an upbeat song that said signore/i/a/o a lot and have been trying to find it a lot. If anyone can help id be very grateful.
some1 i need help finding this italian song i heard. i've heard this song when i was like 4 yrs old and now that im 20 i heard it again in a pub. i dont know the words but if u listen to the song "another brick in the wall by pink floyd" the part when those girls sing. this song had a very similar part like that these girls sing in italian it souded very alike please some1 help me find it
@ Roni: I think the song is Arrivano Gli Uomini by Adriano Celentano from the album with the same title. The children start to sing at around 01:45...

Hey guys, does anyone happen to know this english-italian song I like, it's all over the place in Italy, whenever I go into H&M, or some other store or restaurant..the guy with the voice similar to Eminem's in singing rap in English, and then the girls sings the chorus in Italian..? It sounded to me like the anglo-italian style of Love the way you lie heheh Thanks for the help in advance!
Valentina I think song you heard is Professor Green featuring Dolcenera with "Read All About It (Tutto quello che devi sapere)".. I like it too
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omg huggy bear thx so much bro :d
Many years ago I heard a Greek popular song sung by a woman, I myself can't speak Greek but she repeats something like Ides or eides in the refrain, the song is pretty catchy and fast
Many years ago I heard a Greek popular song sung by a woman, I myself can't speak Greek but she repeats something like Ides or eides in the refrain, the song is pretty catchy and fast, oh and by the way, I know that this site is for Italian music only but i do hope someone will give me the name of the perfomer, since I can see that a lot of Greeks are online, maybe they can help me.Kiss you all

I'm looking for a song by a young italian singer from the 90s. I think he has curly hair, and in video he was walking on a path near seaside. Maybe someone could help...
I was just recently in Italy and saw a popular video clip on RTL 102.5 that is currently in the charts. In the video clip a young woman comes home and lays on the couch listening to the song on her iPod. She imagines herself on stage with the singer singing the song. I would greatly appreciate any help in telling me the artist and/or song.
Hi , I'm looking for a song I've heard a long time ago at an italian MUSIC channel . The videoclip was with a FROG that saves another FROG from the AQCUARIUM , and then they escape together . Male singer . Sorry for the poor info. Thanks
@ Daniela: look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PJXAajQ8_E
Modà - Tappeto di fragole
Giacomo grazie!!! Un baccione mwah!!
Huggy Bear try Desiderio - Starlight track by DJ Armin van Buurin on YouTube. it came out around 2000!
Yesss Crasho91, that's the one! Thanks a lot!!
hi guys, am looking for a song that is playing in all the clubs right now.
It starts off with a very upbeat cute female voice in a non-english voice and then goes "boom boom boom boom ; boom boom boom boom boom boom" (4 booms then short break and then 6 booms)

@ Daniele: Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it was not the right track. The song I am looking for was more of a pop song with a female singer (or maybe even a couple of female singers in a chorus like the infamous Las Ketchup girls)...
Hello! I'm looking for a very very very tender italian song, it's like classical (soprano voice??) with an english refrain (rap??). It's a love song, good for crying. I'm sorry not to be able to tell something more about it, I have it in my mind, but can't remember the lyrics.
Hello everyone! I wonder if I can get some help here to find a song i've been looking for almost one year it's an italian version of Pat Boone's Speedy Gonzales with Peppino di Capri's italian lyrics and english refrain but it's a BLUES version very different and probably 10 or 15 years old can't find it anywhere and I'm also desperately seeking a bossa tune female singer repeating bahia bahia bahia-ia very light and pleasant melody portuguese lyrics I think. Appreciate any assistance!
The second song you're looking for could be "Funky Bahia" by Sergio Mendes with Will.I.Am and Siedah Garrett..this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lUqc5i7PV4! Hope this is it!
Hi everybody! I am looking for an Italian music video. 2 insects sing on a woman's hair and the end of video woman shaves her legs. It was a very funny video. I saw this video on italian music channel about 10 years ago. I hope you can help me.
I'm looking for an italian song by a male guy or group that is very upbeat where a female singer is featured and she sings in English. I think it was from summer of 2008 or 2009.
had already checked funky bahia it's not the song but I keep looking thanks anyway!

I'm desperately trying to find a song I heard in the summer of 2000 when I was in Italy in July. The song was playing on the radio all the time, kind of Lunapop-style up-tempo song with male vocals. And when I told my italian friend that I really like the song she looked at me kinda funny and said that the lyrics are really bad and nasty...and of course I didn't understand the lyrics 'cause I don't speak Italian...

I really can't remember anything else, hopefylly there's someone who could help me...??
Maybe you are looking for a duet between Tiziano Ferro and Kelly Rowland for the song "Breathe gentle" (or "Indietro" by its original Ferro solo Italian version)

Try these: Stragà – L’astronauta

or Tricarico – Io sono Francesco
I know this is a long shot.....I'm looking for a song that I heard from an Italian film. I do not remember which film, but i'm guessing it's approx. from around 10 yrs ago. The song plays at the end of the film when the credits are rolling. It is a female singing with a deep, strong, beautiful voice. The song is slow and sounds very sad. I've thought of that song for years, but haven't been able to figure out who/what it is!! I've watched soooo many Italian films that I can't begin to guess which one it was from. Any guesses??

Thanks, but unfortunately it wasn't either one of those songs!
@Gina: maybe "Gocce di memoria" by Giorgia from the movie "La Finestra Di Fronte"

Im looking for a song i think its Italian song.. it played on mtv a couple of times yrs ago.

In the video it a man dressed in black ran to a house with cuffs on where a lil girl helped him to remove the cuffs.
It was very popular... could also b spanish

Pls help
@Samantha NAM

I think it could be this one:


It's Juanes and the language is Spanish.
Hi! I was in Italy in the summer of 2000 and there was a pop song all the time on TV that I'd like to find. The video was very flashy and involved young people climbing through giant hypnotic spirals/tunnels. I think either the song title or the group started with Q. Any ideas what that might be?
Hi everbody,

I'm searching for an italien song from an italien singer. I think it's from 2003 and I also think it's just one person, no group. The singer is not so young I think 40-60 years old. He sounds a little bit like Antonello Venditti, Lucio Dalla and Claudio Baglione.

The song starts with a few instrumental seconds and the first words are "io che sono". Maybe it could also be "dio" instead of "io" and "solo" instead of "sono". It sounds so similar :-S

It' s no lovesong, I mean no ballade, it's a kind of pop song. So difficult to discribe, sorry :-(

I hope you can help me :-)
@Romie: Maybe Ligabue with their amazing song "il centro del mondo"!?
I've loved the italian song when I was in Italy (1999 or 2000 or 2001, don't remember exactly). I was on south - Puglia areas in sommer time. It was played on radio many many times and I remember that in title was something with "Lucky". It was the same time as Las Ketchup girls was became hit with "Asere" and also Eiffel 65 with "Lucky in my life" (but it's not their song). Unfortunately, I don't remember the whole title or name of the band that song.
Can you help me with that please?
Hi,I'm looking for a song I always hear in the clubs in Florence,Italy.I heard it in summer 2011 and I went back last week and heard it again it has the words 'I can't get enough' repeated over and over it also has the words 'if you want me,if you need me' it is quite a dancey track. Hope you can help me!!
Stefan (01/12/2011)

"I Love You Babe"

I think you may be looking for Fiordalisa—Il Mare Piu' Grande Che C'è (I Love You Man)

Youtube link at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiOX4rZSrzA

Great album that I managed to find in a record shop in a small town in Sweden!
@Giacomo+.......that wasn't the one, and I haven't seen that film either, looks interesting!! Any other ideas? Thanks!!
Gina, try with "Almeno Tu Nell'Universo" by Elisa, from the film "Ricordati di Me"...
Hello! I am going crazy over a song I'm sure I heard in 2009 in Italy, but all I can really remember is the video, I hope you can help. The song is not Italian but I've only ever heard it and seen it on the Italian music channels. I'm sure it used to play often beside 'too much TV' by planet funk. Ok so the video mostly concerned an afroamerican boy riding around a city on his skateboard or bike. At one point I think he also argues with his mother and storms out of the house while she looks worried and shakes her head. The boy has a jacket on with the logo of SF 49ers or Giants. At the end he finds himself in the middle of nowhere and skates home. The video also has two guys sitting against the skyline of the city while one sings the song. I feel like it could have been a dj with a guest vocalist. It is quite upbeat, but probably not for dancing. I think it reminds me a little of 'feels like home' by dino, but I might just be confused by the skateboards in the video. I will really really appreciate any clues anyone could give me, this has been driving me crazy for years! (I also would have liked to ask this in Italian but my Italian is so terrible, sorry!) Grazie Mille, Aly

I cant seem to figure out a italian love song i heard around 5 or 6 years ago a duet between a grey haired male with a full white beard shawn connery style and a young female model type with a very sexc voice.

Sono catalano e mi trovavo in vacanza in Sardegna dal 29 aprile al 1 maggio. Durante questo periodo, quando sono andato in macchina, ascoltava sempre alla stazione radio RTL 102.5, e di ritornare alla Catalogna Ho cercato su Internet per un pezzo di una canzone che mi piaceva, lo stile trance, techno o dance, non potevo dire esattamente.
Il fatto è che il frammento che io conosco una ragazza letteralmente cantato in inglese: "Only the voiceeees..." e si conclude la lettera dicendo: "Tonight!" e poi inizia con una sezione di stili musicali che ho citato sopra. Sembra abbastanza moderno e attuale, come durante il viaggio hanno messo circa 6 volte.
Ho cercato tutte le canzoni nella Top 20, RTL 102.5, ma non sembra (ho anche ascoltato tutti). Se qualcuno ha sentito di recente o conoscere il nome o direttamente l'autore di "single", chiedo che mi si prega di comunicare Siusi.

Grazie e spero che tu mi aiuti a trovarlo.

Grazie mille.
Ciao a tutti,

I'm also searching one song that I think is Italian (because I think she is singing in Italian the first half and then in English the second half). I heard it on the Italian radio yesterday twice - so it's a new song and I think it's popular.
Woman is singing, there are guitars also...and I think she is singing "I don't know why I'm calling/falling on the radio" in the chorus - I know it sound stupid but I didn't recognise other words - I was in the bus... I didn't find it in google ( I hope u can help me.
Per Kristina: could the song be "Blood for poppies" by garbage?
oddio, yes it is.. 0_o I'm sorry for the mistake I really was thinking it's Italian in the beginning because I heard it in a very noisy situation...ma grazie mille!!!!
per algopa94 la canzone è: only the horses dei scissor sisters


è lo stesso gruppo che cantava i don't think like dancing e fire with fire.
Hey I was in Florence, Italy the summer of 2010 and have been trying desperately to find a song that I heard in the clubs. It almost sounded like a remix of a song from the 40's or 50's. I think it said something about money, but I can't remember anything else. If anybody can help me with this, it would so make my day. It may have been similar to Mr. Saxobeat but not too sure. It was a crazy fun trip... Thanks
@Jeff: maybe "Why Don't You" by Gramophonedzie

Ciao vincenzo!

Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto! Anche se non ci credete, fino a ieri stavo cercando il pezzo "Only the voices ..." per ogni pagina che ho raccomandato Google. Mi dispiace il mio errore nella trascrizione dei testi (non ho intenzione di essere l'inglese o parlare spesso ... haha).

Grazie ancora ed a lungo!

This treatment of the song has been completely changed rhythmically and harmonically to obtain a very different song which hardly keeps any resemblance to the original one.
Only the lyrics and the singing melody remain untouched. The rest is another song altogether. The piece has been practically recomposed. In other words, another song was composed where the singing melody of the original song would perfectly fit.
An ethereal choir lays the carpet upon which the rest of the arrangements would rest.
A mixture of classical scales, indian music, greek music, latin bachata, mambo and flamenco brings the song into reality.

On top of an obstinate percussive tempo softened by a romantic bachata rhythm, we hear the sometimes sweet and sometimes savage expressions of the guitar telling us a story...
The third part of this recomposition gives the guitar the chance to break free from the melodic structure.
After a fierce battle in the oceanic winds against creatures of all sorts, we hear the guitar rest on an ingenuous final chord which, in the sunset is the herald of a peaceful starry night...
This Hey Jude was born to reach music lovers of all backgrounds and ages.
This Hey Jude is a child of the heart and is meant to reach the hearts...comes from the depths of the soul and from there calls out to the depths of any other soul....

The owners of the copyright for the original Hey Jude (Sony Music Publishers) were so delighted by this recomposition that granted Joseph Ferrante a publishing agreement for it, thus allowing him to restructure the song. It is important to notice that on very few occasions copyright owners have granted a permission to alter a song protected by them.

Concerning this Hey Jude of Joseph Ferrante, Richard Dunn of BBC World service commented: ¨I must say I found it a very original and quite virtuoso arrangement¨. Sam Winwood of Sony Entertainment (UK) Limited said: ¨I was really impressed with the quality of the performance and your new arrangement¨. Andy Turner of London Capital Radio went on to say: ¨I found it a very interesting arrangement¨.

For a 40 seconds preview of the song go to: http://ferrantemusic3.byethost13.com

You will only listen to the first part of the song. The most thrilling part of the song, the last part, is not heard on this preview.
hey guys, anyone know pop hits italy song now on ? i find but no idea

Know this is a hard one, but I heard a pop song in Italy i 2001. Think it was pretty popular back then.
I think they sing something like "get up and dance, move your body...".
Hope anyone knows the song.
Can you tell me how to deleate my account?
When I come to Italy (Calabria) for summer holidays, they have this dances in which all woman and men dances in line and there comes always a song in english...which goes like...when I...nanana....bocadella (or bocanella). I can't find it anywhere in internet. Can you help? :-)
Hello, hoping someone could help me , was in Tuscany in October i think it was 2009. I dont remember the name or any of the words but the video was a group of friends.. I think they go away somewhere.. and the singer is jealous of his friends girlfriend. But in the end he leaves and she follows him i think they are in a field or something. It was kind of a slow, pop/soft rock song. very nice song always stuck in my mind. Was playing around the time of Nelly Frutado " promiscuous girl", robbie willams "lovelight" and "rudebox" and the killers "when we were young". Hope someone can help, sorry if im a bit vague

Who sings this fantastic Italian duet?
I heard a great duet in what I believe was Italian. It is an easygoing, pieceful, slightly poppy acoustic duet (man and then woman) and at the end of the song sounds also like chorus. It was a wonderful song, and I can't figure out the name.
I heard a really fun italian song in work the other day. It has four guys singing it and the vocals sound very speeded up. There are four guys in the video who are dressed up in suits, then shorts and at one point women's clothes

Sorry if this is so vague

i wuz in italy in june and kept hearing this song! everybody knew it. there wuz a male singer it wuz kinna a slowish pop song- hope u can help
I was just in Italy and I heard a song on RTL 102.5 that I really liked. It was a dance/ techno song sung in Italian by a male singer. That's all I remember but I would love if someone can help! Thanks
@Julia: Tensione Evolutiva by Jovanotti?
Hello there, please, somebody help me. I look for an Italian song, there is also a video to this. I was 8 or 9 and watched MTV and there was a nice Italian piece of music, it was probably 1991 or 1992, men sitting above the roofs of a city singing something like "pasikla la finestra oleee" I have been searching for the song for ages.
Thank you***
Maybe "Serenata rap" by Jovanotti. It was spring of 1994.
@bella Annaita: Maybe "Hai delle isole negli occhi" by Tiziano Ferro
hey everybody,
The song i'm looking for is an English-Italian song. I think so A very nice male voice in it. Man says somewhere in the song "oh oh oh. oh,oh oh oh.." like this. song must be very popular. but i think it's from the beginning of the 2000s. i mean it's not a new hit. it's like a summer hit. pop-hip hop. i have to say this i have no italian but man says something like this ...are something ends with ..are a word like this i hear in the italian parts of the song. it's a very beautiful song please help! thank you
Possibly it could be this: "Indietro" by Tiziano Ferro
or the English version "Breathe gentle" with Kelly Rowland
i've been hearing this song not sure if its italian. the song begings with a man singing in italian or spanish then a lady sings in english part of the song says all of my life i've been searching for someone like you. its kinda a slow song

please help!!!thank you
I´m looking for a female Italian Song. It must be from 1983/84. It sounds like Gianna Nannini but she isn´t it. Regrettably I can´t send the song here in this forum but I have the lyrics. They are:

Con te si accendono le luci del cuore, per ritrovare il mio rifugio che ho lasciato al capolinea del mondo. Come satelliti lanciati nel cielo qualche decennio fá.

Per non restare da soli, e cosi legati senza un filo di fiato, e catturare l´ emozione che ho lasciato al capolinea del mondo. La sensazione che regala un amante non è una novità, e dura poco il ricordo.

Ed è cosi che sul mio cuore grida un altro cuore e quando amo il cuore mio non mente

nella stazione della mente.

Non basta avere più corraggio e quando amo il cuore mio non mente

nella stazione della mente.

E con te annego nella luce degli occhi, prendo possesso del tuo cuore come fosse una scura prigione, anche emozione che regala un amante non è una novità e dura poco il ricordo o si è cosi che sul mio cuore grida un altro cuore e quando batte non capisco niente

nella stazione della mente.

Non basta avere più corraggio e quando amo il cuore mio non mente

nella stazione della mente.

Sia cosi e sul mio cuore grida un altro cuore e tuo non batte non capisco niente

nella stazione della mente.

No non mi basta avere più corraggio e quando amo il cuore mio non mente

nella stazione della mente

Maybe somebody know this song. I let them write down from a translation office because I don´t speak Italian but I like the Italo music. In the refrain she´s always singing "Nella stazione della mente". If somebody contact me under "ronny.scheibengraf@web.de" I can mail the song in the full lengh.

Perhaps somebody can help!
Thanks very much.
Hi! I hope someone here can help me out...
LAte fall 2008 i heard a song i got addicted to.. unfortanly i havent heard it for some years. Now i just want to find it back its just i cant remember who sings it what the songs name is and so on.. im kinda stuck. all i know is:

Its a male singer a typical eurodance hit.. its not italobrothers.
I know in the lyric it is something like crying on the dancefloor take off on the dancefloor kinda.. The artist name no clue i know they are two. i also think if i recal right that the name on the song and groupe has something italio similare in it..

I know this is a blind shot but.. worth a try..

PLease, help me with this song. It is sang by 2 italian girls, one is mostly speaking and has also some accordion playing, like a tango
I saw a video on you tube a year or two ago with a male italian singer wearing a cowboy hat, sitting on a fence, and 6 or 8 dancers - men and women. I can't remember the name of the singer or the song. It ended with them sitting all together with the family having dinner. Anyone seen this video and can help?
Hi giacomo
I heard a song that i believe to be from the 60's
It is performed by a duet, a male italian singer that sings in both english and italian, and a female american singer that sings in english
It is a romantic song
I remember the words amore, roma, forever
Can u help me ?
Tks a lot
Sorry, but I can't help you out on this one.
Hey guys,
I've been searching like crazy for one song. It is rather frequently played in coffee shops, malls, etc. so I suppose it is considered a hit. It must be somewhat recent (no older than couple of years), it is a duet between an english speaking guy (sounds like an american) and italian speaking girl - she sings most of the song - including chorus that starts with "Per questo...." in a really strong, high tone. I think there is also a phrase like "questa primavera...". It is really catchy and upbeat, I'm even sure the answer is something really obvious and popular.
Hi guys,
unfortunately i don't know any italian so it's difficult for me to explain the song that i am looking for...
It's sounds funny, the singer is man, he most likely sounds that he is reading the lyrics and not singing them.. and he says something like ''baia''
Any help i will appreciate! Thanks in advance

Hello Giacomo,

Do you know a song (pop-disco style) which in the chorus says inamoratta and / or abandonatta??

Sincerely at the moment I can't come up with anything. Maybe some other reader will be more helpful..
Emica the song you're looking for is "Primavera In Anticipo (It Is My Song)", a duet between Laura Pausini and James Blunt.

Don't know about the others sorry guys.
I need help desperately. I heard a song on the radio today, they said it's in italian... it sounded like a song that would be played in a club, had both a male and a female vocal... sounded techno-ish at moments even, maybe it was a radio remix, I don't know D:
As for the lyrics, I didn't manage to pick anything up except when the guy began to sing he repeated "I I I I I" a few times in english, or that's what it sounded like! I don't have more info, but if any of you have any idea, please help! TT_TT
In reply to Maja - is the song "Killer" by Baby K ft Tiziano Ferro?
Hey guys!

Looking for a song from the late nineties!

The music video has an aeroplane with loudspeakers instead of engines.
The lead singer was a man.

Anyone know the song?
For Leao

the song could be "Una Musica Può Fare" by Max Gazzè? I remember there was a scene you described in the music video...

I am looking for a song, I guess a bit retro, a man sings in the middle of chorus very long :"Maaaareee".... I guess it was a soundtrack or something..Please help!
Anyone knows?
I'm looking for this old Italian song (perhaps 60's-70's). Sung by a male/female duo. It speaks out against violence/ rape against women. Very mellow tune. Anyone?
hey guys im looking for a song which is now on radios.. its singed by female and its italian its something like ''quanto di l'amore la nana nana na.. its very popular nowdays..
jodlr, try to listen the following songs:
- Elisa - "L'Anima Vola"
- Alessandra Amoroso - "Amore Pure"
- Laura Pausini feat. Kylie Minogue - "Limpido"
- Emma - "Dimentico Tutto"
- Bianca Atzei - "La Paura che Ho di Perderti"
Hi there was a song in 2004, I can only remember part of the lyrics which goes 'oba oba, oba oba'. Definitely not something about obama, cause that's all the results I'm getting.
I was in Italy last week and I heard quite often a song on the radios. It is sung in Italian by a woman, the song starts slow and quiet, but soon it turns more upbeat, almost dance-ish.
I don't know the words, but the singer has a very beautiful voice. I guess it's very popular right now

Any ideas?

Thank you
@Guesta tryDespina Vandi - Opa Opa http://youtu.be/CKmxIQm0wAY googled today!
Hi! I'm trying to find an Italian song that I believe is pretty popular right now. I heard it on the radio a lot. The chorus is in English and repeats "I Love You" but the rest of the song is in Italian. I'm pretty sure the first lyric of the song is "Bongiorno" If anyone knows the song, please let me know! Thanks so much!
Hi Rebecca!
I'm pretty sure the song you heard is "I Love You" by Cesare Cremonini.
Let me know if it is the right song!
Hey guys! I was in jesolo last month, and I heard a beautiful song on the radio. Its a duo, man and woman and they sing in italian and english, no idea about the text, but hoped someone could help? thaanks a lot (ps: its not laura pausini and james blunt, even though it is also quite slow. Also his voice was deeper)
hehe, yay I found it already , even though a googlesearch didnt help (but the charts did), star dust it was
Hi, I was in Italy around August of 2008 and there was this one song that was very popular on the radio RTL 102.5 and on TV also, can't remember the correct italian words for the chorus, but the chorus either ended in "Domani, Domani, Domani, Domani, Domaniii.." or a word that rhythms with that... was a pop kind of rock song... please help, have been trying to find it for 6 years!!!!
found it!!!
hi guys. i'm looking for a song. in the video there's a street that full of people. and people singing the song with the male singer. and the end of the video singer kisses a beautiful girl and in the chorus every word ending with ''o'' singer saying some words then people saying ''ANDOO'' then singer saying some words people saying again ''FATTOO''. it's around 2004-2005-2006-2007 sorry for the date i'm not quite sure please help me guys!!
I am trying to find a song that I heard on a CD in Italy, it was a compilation (double CD) of anthem-style ballads. I had the feeling they were mostly old classic songs. The song in question is by a male artist with a deep, powerful voice, slow tempo, and the chorus begins with the words "amore mio". I think there is piano in the background. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
looking for italian song which i can't remember the name but in the video i remember girls dance gypsy dance in forest i think its from 2011 or somthing.. its like realy dark forest you see girls dancing and they dress as gypsy i think
Hi I was in Amalfi in October '14. There was a song that was on the radio quite often and it still plays in my head. All I can remember from it... At least what I think the words were. "sono spressa (or presa) ... Soo nooo sooo nooo" pretty upbeat song and I'd love to hear it again. Thanks!
Ciao a tutti!
I'm looking for a song that was on MTV in Italy in summer 2012. It has ordinary people dancing in the street , in front of beach cabins etc and had a catchy chorus. If anyone can remember this I'd be grateful!
Ciao. I was in Italy last week and heard this beautiful ballad a few times, but failed to get the name of the song. It was a middle-aged Italian male singer and the music video was shot at Arena di Verona. I recognize the place as I was there Really appreciate any help.
Maybe: Max Pezzali - L'universo tranne noi
That's the one! Now, I have one more thing to remember my wonderful trip by. Grazie mille!
I am looking for an Italian song that was really famous in the summer of 2008 by a male singer
The music video had a guy singing and there was a beautiful lady with beautiful clothing who jumped in a pool. I think she was angel and he was singing something about her.
G'day. I'm hoping you can help me with a long lost memory. I was in Italy in 2008 and heard a great song everywhere I went. I can't remember exactly the name of the song or artist but someone suggested to me at the time it could have been Michel Zorelli??? Does that name make sense to you? Do you know of any artist with a name close to that one? Thanks for your time.
Hi Herbie...yes Michel Zorelli reminds me of Michele Zarrillo.
Maybe the song could be : L'ultimo film insieme
Michele Zarrillo sang this song at Sanremo festival.
Try this one
Hi I have been searching for a song. It came out in the early 1990's. All I can remember is that my sister was in the music video. It was shot in a beach in italy. Some of the words I can remember is u le le macidi macidi (I think). Does any1 possibly know the song??? By God's grace.x
Dear Faz,

do you remember the singer of the song ?
A man or a woman or a group ?
Try to remember other words if you can....
I remember listening to this song on italian music channels back in 2008/09 and me and my friends used to dance with it every time its on.
to bad i forgot the artist name
all i can only remember is the music video, a gay bald guy with a beard/ shirt off dancing in the beach.

In the late 70s or early 80s I used to go to a club in Welbeck st in the westend called Cinecitta Roma. There was a love song by a man with a husky voice always being played. Any ideas. Please
Hi Louise,

I think that the singer could be Riccardo Cocciante, try with " Margherita " or " Bella senz'anima "
Ciao a tutti.
Volevo segnalarvi che esiste un nuovo libro sulle classifiche italiane.
Si chiama "Mezzo secolo di ritornelli" e lo potrete trovare nella vetrina della homepage del sito della casa editrice http://www.unificato.it
Cliccando sul libro troverete una lunga descrizione e anche un'anteprima gratuita di 15 pagine da sfogliare direttamente online.
Non mi dilungo oltre, chi fosse interessato può trovare sul sito tutte le informazioni necessarie.
My parents loved this song when I as a child in the early 1970s, it's sung by a woman, and some of the lyrics I remember but it goes something like - "amore senza amore, amore senza vita" and then another part which I think is the chorus goes, "no di lunedi mai! mai mai mai!, no di lunedi mai mai mai mai mai mai mai!" there are a lot of mai's in it, it could also be from the 1960s. The words could be different, like lunedi, but I'm 100% sure of all the "mai" in the song. I really would love to find this song, my parents have both passed away and this song means the world to me for some reason, I've typed in the words in google and youtube to no avail, I'm hoping someone can figure out what it is.
i herd and itianian song when i was in high school i was in itily with my folks and it was summer in the 2000s i remeber it being a man or men they where all walking through shops and buildings i think and the tune went like bah bah ba ba bah ba ba bah ba bah ba ba bah ba ba bah ba ba bah ba ba bah ba bah ba ba ba ba baaaaaaa something like that its been annoyg me for years
This is going g back to 2008-2009. We had Vidio Italia and there was,a male pop/rock band we liked. It was a beautiful video about the earth. I remember them laying on grass and scenery of water, miuntains, nature. Any idea?
So i was in italy around 2009 ish summer and this pop rock keot playing on the music channel! It was about a male singer looking for a girl or something i dont really rember the video but i remember in the start of the song it was some catchy violin ish intro. Ive been looking for this song for too long it would mean so much if anyone could find it
Ciao! I was in italia a couple of years ago, i'm looking for this video that i saw, it was a sad song about a couple, i remember they were dancing, and its an older couple and then one disappears, i think because they die or something, i would love to see this music video again!! Se uno mi puo aiutare, Grazie mille!!!
visited Italy last week and saw two music videos. I need to know the artists. 1/ Two old italian male singers performing a duet. Video shows them touring around in a sportscar visiting different places playing thier quitars 2/ Pop video 4 males , video starts with a freind chucking water over the lead singer while he is sleeping in his apartmant
1) Claudio Baglioni, Gianni Morandi - Capitani Coraggiosi
2) Lorenzo Fragola - # fuori c'è il sole
to Ali Grazie mille
I had dinner tonight in an Italian restaurant and there was this nice song in which very often by the male singer the phrase "somebody somebody somebody" was repeated over and over. Nice tranquil song, could not hear very well if there was any Italian in it. Anyone...??? Thank you!
Stef try with Somebody - Double You (1997)
Dear DoctorSte, thank you for your feedback, unfortunately it seems to be not the song I am looking for (but I can see how you came up with this one ). I will keep on looking...
Hey, my italian teacher puts this song on everytime we come in to class and sometimes when there's like 5 minutes left, I just remember at the beginning of the video it's this guy, he might have been baldish, in a concert asking in italian " how many girls are there " and a group cheering, and in the song he says letone, something like that, like, letone letone a lot, don't know what genre of music it is, but I really wanna know, i'm dying to know.
Hi, I am looking for a song that was VERY popular in Florence in Summer 2007. I can't remember any of the lyrics, but the music video was a bunch of young rocker guys playing in an Art Museum. The art museum had many classical white sculptures, and also, the video seemed to cut to scenes from a movie, about a man and woman in love? I want to hear it again so badly!!!!
Does anyone know the release date (month / date) of Swiss Boy by Lou Sern
? I know that it was released in 1985 but can't find month & date anywhere.
Hi, I'm looking for a song that I heard it near 20 years ago or less. Also I don't know is it Italian or Spanish. However it sounds like this: "diky diky diky santimento hola hiletto sentimento". First I thought I heard it in "Non e la Rai" show but I think it's not a part of this show. Please help me. It's a nostalgic song for me. Thanks...
Hello, I'm looking for a song I heard back in spring of 2004 it sounds like 50 cent in da club but the music video showed an older man with a suit rapping in Italian.
Maybe you refer to "Sentimento Pentimento" by Neri Per Caso, an Italian acapella group active in the '90s.
Am looking for an italian song sung in duo a slow the title is something like io non vivo senza te must be 80's or 90's thank you so much
Ciao Viviane,

the song should be " Io che non vivo senza te ", sung by Pino Donaggio ( 1965 ).
I don't remember a duo version.
I remember the beautiful version sung by Wall Street Crash and the title was " You don't have to say you love me ".
Hello I'm looking for an Italian song that I heard when I was at the Coca Cola festival the 23 of June. The song is like serdina venecci underforta tutteti bilando.... Please help me if you might know what song this is
Male or female singer ?
Hello everybody,
Last time I went in Rome I heard a song that I would like to identify.
I recorded a bit of it :
Could you help me?
Hi Lisa; I don't know if you have already found the song but the song you're searching for is "Ma il cielo è sempre più blu" by Rino Gaetano.

Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB3TfBXUOKw
Hello all
I heard a song a couple weeks ago. Lyrics go , solo io e te, solo io e me, per sempre.
In Oct 2013 I was in Italy and heard a song, male singer, Italian, and it was played everywhere on the radio. It sounded like he was saying "And TU! No no no no no no, Tu! No no no no no no". Instead of Tu he could have been saying "Andoo". And instead of the "no"s he could have had some "non"s in there but it was a great song, a little slower till the build, sounded like a love song or a break up song.

Ring a bell anyone?

I don't know if this song was Italian, but I saw the video all the time when I was in Italy, summer 2000...

Hard for me to say anything about the song, except, it was a young male vocalist. In the video the guy is singing about a woman. In each verse the woman is sitting somewhere minding her own business, and the guy will pop out of nowhere and start singing to her. I think in one verse she's in class; in another verse she's at the movies and he actually breaks through the screen.

Anyone remember this?
We lived in Italy between 2007-09, and sometime during those years there was a pop duet sung by two females, in English, on the radio all the time. I've searched forever to find out what it was! Even when we lived there, I couldn't find out what it was. The words had something like "I'm not so good" in the refrain, but it's been so long now I cannot recall. Anyone have ideas what this song might be?
Hi guys!
I'm searching for a song I heard on the radio, it sounds like it's from the 80s, like disco dance song, I'm not sure how the lyrics godine but it's something Like "respiraaaare i nananna cantaaare nananna maaare ta nana tu tu tu tu tu ta na na tu tu tu tu tu " lol I'm sorry but I don't know how to explain it, maybe someone will know...
could be "Una musica può fare" by Max Gazzè, a 1999 song.
@David Hunter

The song is you're talking about is "Qualcosa Di Grande" by Luna Pop; it was a huge hit on the radio that summer.

The band broke up after one big album, but the lead singer Cesare Cremonini pursued a successful solo career.

I'm less certain about your song, but could it be "Non è Mai Abbastanza" by Modà?
I've been searching for this for days but have pretty much nothing to go by except the part I remember. I can't speak Italian and I found this song on YouTube probably 10 years ago. I'm a big Eiffel 65, Brothers, and Italobrothers fan and this song sounds kind of like their style. The guy's voice is kind of scratchy not as smooth or young sounding, and it's just a simple techno song not like rave or anything crazy. All I can say for sure is when he gets to the chorus he makes this "yeah" or "raah" it's kind of lazy sounding like casual. And the lyrics end in "ah" i guess they all rhyme. Sorry lol
Hi, All.
Female (italian?) vocal (begin at 2:51 min) https://youtu.be/f36ogQPP9Eg?t=171
Could you help me to identify song?
There was a great Italian song in 2008/2009 but I can't remember the name of the singer or the song.
She's wondering around a bar (maybe playing pool?), and many of the lines begin with 'tu'. She has a beautiful, sultry voice, and (though I can't remember the lyrics), it was kind of like an anti-love song. At least, it definitely wasn't a love song.
Not much to go on, but if anyone has an idea of the song, I'd be so grateful!
Jull, sorry i can't hear well the lyrics of the song. Sounds like there are 2-3 voices singing on it and one of them really seems to me to be Al Bano. Never heard of the song...sounds almost religious.

Jo the song you're talking about i think is "Pop Porno" by Il Genio, they were a duo.
Francesco, It's "Al Bano & Romina Power - Libertà".
Thank you.
Francesco, you star!
That's exactly the song. Thank you so so much!
I was in Italy in fall of 2004. In the bars I would always see a music video playing. I don't remember the language of it. It was a female singer with long dark hair.
The video was really cool, stylized animation of Soviet/communist imagery, like layered missles and flags and marching. Lots of red and black. The singer herself was not animated.
Anyone know? I'd love to watch it again.
Thank you.
Lola, i think the song you're looking for is "Together" by Elisa. She is italian (she's currently inside the top10 with her latest song) but released material mostly in english.


Hi. I'm trying to find name of this song. It was played around midnight 29 - 30.7.2018 on a small beach party or something in Castelsardo Sardegna. That's all I know, thanks for your help
Hopefully someone can help? I went to Italy in the late 2000s and heard a great song on MTV. It was a Italian duet male and female singers in the video the man plays the piano while you can kinda see the set and the people working, making it "snow" And kinda change seasons all while they sing. Ti amo is said a few times if that helps Also I think it would be considered pop or soft rock. Please help can't sleep lol thanks.
Okay, this is probably a long shot but I was in Tuscany in 1999 and there was a song on the radio being played constantly and the chorus was "voglio voglio voglio" sung by a female singer. Does anyone know the name of this song? Grazie mille.
Michelle do you remember something else? What genre was it? Was it a ballad or un uptempo?
It was a current song at the time i assume, if you heard it constantly on the radio..
I'm looking for a HipHop(Rap) song from 2015. We were in Rome for holiday, and we were listening quite much italian music in the television, I remember mostly the Artist/song name, but there's one that I cannot. There was a hiphop song, and in it's music video there was a monkey-like boy, who lived in a tent. He fell in love with a young girl, but she had a brother, who didn't like this monkey-boy, or something like that.
Maybe you can help me.
Grazie mille
(Dance/Summer hit)
Song starts with her saying her name that ends with a letter like B or G, mucis video starts with her in a coffey shop with sunglasses and there is a man singing the chorus. The man is famous too and very handsome and blonde with blue eyes, looks spanish.
I think the music video was made in spanish but the song was also recorded in italian in another video. It was around 2015 i heard it.
Hey Tony, the song is you're looking for is "Voglio Ballare Con Te" by Baby K. The chorus is indeed sung by a Spanish singer Andres Dvicio. Huge hit in the summer of 2016

Im looking for an italian song - dont know much about it except for that it must have been quite recent - probably in the pas year and that the refrain includes a raspy voice - like a smoker would have

Any ideas ?

Gianna Nanini comes to mind - but she might be from too long ago.
The folk ballad had the words " non ne" repeated and harmonised. Please help.
Hi, I have been searching for an old Italian song I used to listen to with my Mom. I last heard it in 2010 but I’m sure it’s much older than that. I don’t know artist name or the song title. The song is sang by a man and the words “tu sei” are prominent throughout the whole song, saying all these things that his love is to him or reminds him of, something like that. I’m pretty sure he meant ions a cat “ gato” in the song. There is little to no music, and he is almost only speaking the words rather than singing. If anyone has any ideas I would be so grateful. Thank you Daniela
Hi, I'm looking for an (80?) Italian song for ages. All that I have is a 30s sample. Please, any Italian here can help me. Here is the song

Thank you all
There was a song from late 70s or 80s in disco style
Where an Italian guy is on stage in a black jacket and smoking and singing almost rapping and speaking very fast a song about sex or a Waitress and it was probably a one hit wonder. He had a funny voice.

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